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10 Amazing World Tourism

10 Amazing World Tourism

To change the scenery for a moment we will invite you round the world .. wow 10 times this tour will make your adrenaline racing.

1. Dachstein Sky Walk (Austria)

Called the "Balcony mountains alpina", Dachstein Sky Walk enthroned at an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level and on the rocks as high as 250 m. The vertical Hunerkogel A 360-degree view show the visitors the Republic Koruna Slovenia in the south to the north. Skywalk is much higher than the platform at Niagara Falls or waterfall located in Iguazu, Brazil.

2. Aurland Lookout (Norway)

Architect Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen commissioned to create a beautiful design of the stops on the mountain Aurland in Norway and produced this beauty who got first place in competitions Norwegian tourist routes. Outermost side of the platform - which is curved to form the foundation of the structure - a closed glass, providing exceptional views to the land below for those who dare to walk up to the very end.

3. Grand Canyon Skywalk (Arizona - USA)

Horseshoe-shaped platform tense relies exactly 4000 feet above the ground and extends 65 feet from the tip of a cliff Grand Canyon. Horseshoe-shaped skywalk is constructed of glass wall thickness of 4 inches and visitors required to wear socks, anti-scratch if you want to go and see the sights there. This work is a remarkable piece of architecture that could hold the weight up to 70 tonnes (equivalent to 14 African elephants) and can withstand winds up to 100 meters per hour.

4. Hanging Platform Iguazu Falls (Brazil and Argentina)

Apart from the waterfall that's truly amazing, this place in the subtropical forests in this place to make travel more enjoyable. To appreciate the greatness and glory, either once to see this waterfall from the skywalk. The platform of this scene so closely that you'll sprayed by the splash of water and made ​​deaf by the roar of water falling from a height of 80 feet is deafening.

5. The sky scraper tower Auckland (New Zealand)

Auckland tower skyscraper 328 m high is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. It takes 2000 tons of iron, 660 tons of steel frame buildings and 15,000 cubic meters of cement to build it. This building can withstand winds of 200 km / h, an earthquake measuring 8 on Richter scale and on a clear day, views can reach 82 km. The highest peak in the room that is the Sky deck with a glass without a connection that provides a 360 degrees.

6. Illawara Fly Tree Top Walk (Australia)

This place opened recently after 5 months of development. Located in Knights Hill on a cliff near Robertson in the southern highlands, Illawara Fly Tree Top Walk facilitate visitors to stroll amongst the rainforest canopy 25 meters above the ground on the platform of iron. Alley as high as 500 m has a hand brace that takes visitors to the edge of the cliff and offers views of the coastline from Kiama to Shellharbour.

7. landscape Promontory

Landscape Promontory is a platform designed scenery hanging Paolo Burgi as part Cardada project, a revitalization of the mountain Cardada is expected to be completed by 2010. Hallway made ​​of iron and titanium leads to a platform overlooking the Lago Maggiore sights. Not only the scenery that can be enjoyed by visitors. The symbols on the tiles and description information is written on the rail platform offers a historical and literary references.

8. Infinity Room at the House of the Rock (Wisconsin - USA)

House on the Rock, first opened in 1959, is a complex ruangan2, roads, gardens, and shops with unique architectural designs by Alex Jordan, Jr.. Is located in Spring Green, Wisconsin, and is a regional tourist attractions. The Infinity Room at the house that extends several hundred feet from the valley, without a buffer below, with more than 3000 hand-made windows on the side.

9. Binocolo Il (Italy)

Inside the castle gardens Trauttmansdorff, Italy, you'll find a dazzling iron platform is out of the trees. His name, which means the binoculars, comes from a small roof forms platforms and surrounding scenery. In the design by architect Matteo Thun.

10. Peak of Tyrol (Austria)

Top of Tyrol (Top of Tyrol) which is a platform designed by Astearchitecture sights as high as 3000 m above sea level on the Stubai Glacier in Tyrol, Austria. Weather-resistant steel used in construction for extreme weather mangantisipasi so that you can stand 9 feet from the top of the mountain to see the sights of the Stubai Glacier.

Krakal Beach Tourism

Krakal beach

Krakal beaches including the beautiful beach when compared to the beaches located along the island of Java. This beach receives the heat of the sun from morning hinga evening throughout the year. Sea breeze which blows very cool and the waves were big enough.
Krakal coast has gently sloping and sandy texture of white that lay more than 5 kilometers. This beach is the beach area and developed into a tourist village, especially foreign tourists.

The trip to the beach is across the limestone hills are interspersed with rock terraces. This is a hallmark of local residents managed karts.

Based on geological studies, in ancient times Krakal area is the basis of the seas by the appointment process, the seabed is becoming increasingly rising and finally emerged as a plateau. Coral rocks that appear at the time, is the former home of coral animals that live in the ocean at that time.

Krakal beach can be reached via the road along the 6 miles of beach area Kukup. Arguably it is this beach to be the last series after the visit to the beach and Kukup Baron. The distance from the city of Yogyakarta beach is about 65 kilometers which can be completed in approximately 3 hours.

OPENING HOURS Open every day.

lies the beach Krakal

The beach is located in the Village Ngestiharjo Krakal-Tepus, District Tepus, with coordinates 456 266 mT, and mT 9099454. Figure 3 above shows the location Krakal Beach.

Krakal beach is a beach that forms the bay forms a large angle, so it has a beautiful view when seen from one end of the beach.

Krakal Coast has a relatively choppy topography (undulating) with a beach or a beach slope of 10.25 ° or 18.08% belong to the coastal slopes of the bumpy conditions.
Krakal coast has limestone rock types with a level of moderate to vigorous physical weathering, the type of limestone bedrock, the soil is formed on the Mediterranean coast including the type. The following figure shows the Gulf Krakal which form a large angle.

The width of the sediment on the beach Krakal is 13.9 m, tidal range in the coastal littoral Krakal approximately 13.4 meters. Littoral tidal range is very short when compared with Baron Beach, this is caused by the steep slopes of coastal Krakal.

Krakal beach sediment grain diameter of 1.225 mm, sediment grain is included into the type of beach sand is very coarse sediment that is Φ = -0293 (Wenthworth scale). Item sedimennya brightly colored almost uniformly in all parts of the beach. This indicates that sediment grain on the beach Krakal proceeds of seabed piling deposited on the beach.

Sea water in coastal waters Krakal have salinity of 33 ‰. Sea temperatures in coastal waters Krakal ranged 33-36 ° C. Further away from coastlines, sea water temperature gets smaller. Large degree of acidity Krakal coastal waters ranged from 8 to 8.5. acidity values ​​along the coast Krakal not have large variations.

Wave energy on the beach is 166 joules Krakal, belong to the class of weak wave energy. Wave energy is derived from the pounding ocean waves break on the beach in the breaker zone is not too far away from the coastline. Wind speed at the beach Krakal is 73.4 meters per second.

Krakal beach is a beach that has a shape protruding into the ground like a large bay, with coral attached to the edge of the beach. These conditions make Krakal beach has a small wave energy so that energy to the coastline is also small, it makes easier to shore Krakal seaweed used as a living habitat.
This is also supported by the presence of a substrate reef seaweed life. Utilization of seaweed on the beach was practically Krakal more advanced compared to other beaches, as has been well managed by the University of Gadjah Mada University to be used as a source of protein.

But the beach Krakal not have access to electricity that makes this beautiful beach has not been able to develop their use to the field of tourism. Other uses are agriculture Krakal beach catching fish without a boat and mine sand and shells for tourist souvenirs sold to craftsmen beach which is usually found on the beach Baron.

ENTRY TICKET Motorcycle:  Rp1000,00 Car: Rp 2000,00 TIPS & TRICKS - beautiful blue ocean and the hills around the beach is a beautiful sight when it is appropriate immortalized on this beach. - For those who want to swim, do not be too far into the deep, dangerous.

Kukup Beach Tourism

Kukup Beach Tourism

If there is Tanah Lot in Bali, Yogyakarta in Gunungkidul there Kukup Beach. To reach this beach, it takes approximately two hours drive from Yogyakarta. It is located about one kilometer to the east coast Baron.
This beach can also be achieved through a path that connects between the beach and the Beach Baron Kukup.

Kukup set foot on the white sandy beach will provide an unforgettable experience, especially if it took up to a cliff which is connected to the bridge where we can see the beautiful stretch of beach which although not too broad, but very beautiful.

Besides the beautiful panorama of beach and sea, Kukup Beach also offers tourists a variety of types of sea water ornamental fish are sold by local people to just be a souvenir of this beach.

Kukup beach located about 25 km to the south of the City Wonosari. If from Jogja shoreward this takes about 1.5 hours using a motor vehicle. The road to this beach and the winding up and down. So please be careful if using a vehicle to come here.

On this beach there is a coral island connected by bridges. From the top of this coral island we could see the beauty of the vast expanse of beach with waves big enough. Although during the day, if located in the atoll will feel cool because the wind was blowing pretty hard.

After enjoying the beautiful beaches of the island reef, we could go down to enjoy the beautiful white sand on this beach. In the afternoon the sea water began to recede, so that we can be free to just take a walk on the beach or playing with white sand that are here.

Which not less fun, a lot of marine life here. Starting from the colorful fish, crabs are often pacing the beach, or a jellyfish that can make the body itch if we hold it. If want to catch fish or crabs with ease, we could buy a small nets are bought and sold by traders on the beach.

If you want to bring home fish but do not bother to catch it yourself, we can buy it as it exits from the beach. There is the traders who trade in marine ornamental fish. The fish were so many kinds, ranging nemo fish, starfish, sea snakes, and many others.

we provide music to accompany your trip air travel to enjoy the scenery around ..

Trips to the beach Kukup, a chain of recreational visits to the beach Baron, because the distance between the two beaches are more or less just 1 kilometer, can be reached by footpath. Baron creamy white sandy beaches - brass.

Goa - a shady cave coral, and sea water fish found in this area are many and very attractive to tourists. Enjoying the beauty of one of Indonesia's sea coast to charm, tourists can go up to the cliff on the beach between the Baron and Kukup, by the way - the path.

The various kinds of ornamental fish can be watched visitors seawater through seawater aquarium fish Aquarium at Pantai Kukup.

Baron Beach of Jogja

Baron Beach

Tourism Baron beaches, the most popular beaches in Gunungkidul, because this beach is the first beach to be found if you visit the cluster of sea and land smack cordial, a symbol of elegance Gunungkidul beach tourism.

Ranks of Baron Beach, Beach Kukup, Coast Along, Coastal and Beach Sundak Krakal lined there, visitors will spoil peace of heart hubbub carrier waves. Baron Beach is located in the Village Kemadang, Tanjungsari District, about 20 miles south of the city Wonosari (40 miles from the city of Yogyakarta).

Coast who witnessed the meeting between seawater and freshwater, which is the result of a river which empties into the one corner of the beach baron, as a symbol of two hearts although with different backgrounds.

The tourists will be pampered with a beauty of the wind waves which deliver tuk making out with sand, so patiently waiting for her lover. The results of Baron wealth as large shrimp (lobster), white pomfret fish, snapper, tuna are ready to pamper guests, both of which are still fresh and ready to eat. As a Recommendation, the menu mainstay here is Sop Kakap.

One moment is shockingly not miss the Sea Alms Ceremony organized by the local fishing community in the calendar each month suro Java, as an expression of gratitude to Almighty God for an abundance of seafood that has been given.

Baron Beach is located in the Village Kemadang, Tanjungsari District, about 23km south of the city Wonosari, is the first beach to be found from a series of Baron Beach area, Kukup, Along, Drini, Krakal and Sundak.

On the beach there are also underground river estuary that can be used for bathing after playing in the sea. In addition visitors can also enjoy a variety of fresh seafood and fast food, at affordable prices, including the typical menu of soup Kakap Baron beach. On the east side can be achieved through a circular path there is a limestone hill, tourists can rest in the substation view, the beach sipping a refreshing air. Approximately 10 miles west towards the coast from Baron Beach there are Parang Racuk with towering hills and steep, with freely from the top of the hill.

In Java, every month Syuro year for local fishing communities of the Sea held a ceremony of Alms is an expression of gratitude to Almighty God for the abundant harvest of fish and fishing safety at sea.

Infrastructure road leading into town Wonosari is quite good, with winding roads through - winding up and down, following the beautiful scenery. Yogyakarta public transport - buses and micro Wonosari form - buses are available in sufficient quantities.

The distance between Wonosari with Baron beach approximately 20 kilometers, with the condition of the paved road, across the limestone hills known as the mountain a thousand. Baron Beach is the bay is flanked by a wall of green hills, filled with coconut trees. This bay is the estuary of the river under a rock, where the water is clear enough.

Baron beach waves rather large, but the visitors still be able to swim at this beach to the extent acceptable to her, which is marked with a span of wire that are spread out over the bay. Baron Kalan is also the commander of the fishermen, most of them had equipped the boat - the boat with the engine, so it can reach a wider sea.

Among adolescents and scout camping activities often do in this place, in addition to conducting cross-country to the hills - hills surrounding the bay shore ..

Drini Beach Tourism

Drini Beach

Area southern sea coast known for its beautiful scenery. Many beaches, especially along the southern coast of Java, are used as tourist attractions. In addition to crystal clear waters, white sand and gently sloping main attraction. High sea waves are often overlooked by travelers lovers of the sea, when danger threatened frequently the cause behind the pounding roar that. One of the attractive beaches in the southern ocean is Drini Beach is located in Gunung Kidul, DIY.

Name Drini still seem very alien to the community. All they know about the beaches, especially in Yogyakarta is Parangtritis, Samas, Baron and Kukup. True, not many know about the beaches are located not too far away to the beach at Mount Kidul Kukup it. The beach was beautiful, with a fairly high waves. As typical of other beaches in the South Sea, Drini also limited by the steep mountain backdrop.

Once inside the location of the beach, we would welcome the white sand stretching along the coast. Sand and clear water tempting the visitor to immediately jump in and swim. Unfortunately, the manager forbids visitors to take a bath in this beach, because it is dangerous with waves high enough. Visitors can only walk on the beach with the occasional touch of water waves aside. When the conditions of tide, waves on the beach is indeed quite high, like other South Sea coastal waves.

This beach can only be enjoyed during the height of low tide the water is limited to the calf. Visitors can enter into the sea for bathing or simply take a walk up to a limit of waves that are quite far from the beach. At low tide the beach surface was clearly visible, especially the water is clear enough. At first glance, we see the star-shaped object attached to the bottom like a stone beach. Once approached, it turns out that star-shaped objects is a Star of the Sea or often called Starfish.

The animal was attached at the base of the harsh coast and moving to use five or six arms. Usually, when arrested Starfish move to save themselves by going into the sand pit that is in between the rocks. Catch the Star of the Sea is causing excitement for visitors Drini Beach. Children and adolescents rollicking catch Star of the Sea. Some are brought home, but not a few who are only used as a toy and then released again. "Want to be maintained at home, but can live what baseball yes, 'said a teenager who collects Star of the Sea in biscuit tins.

In addition to Star of the Sea, visitors can also hunt fish hiding in the holes coral beach. Various types of small, beautifully colored fish can be found on this beach. Usually the fish hanging around the rocks where the water is very clear. But at high tide, colorful fish hiding in a hole behind the rock to protect himself from the violent crushing waves.

The hunt small fish is a distinct attraction in Drini. So, once we get to the location of the beach, many small merchants are offering serok commonly used to catch fish in the aquarium. The little Serok used to catch small fish hanging around the rocks by the beach. Many who took home the small fish for decoration at home. "To add the fish collection at home," said one visitor. Enjoy Fresh Fish THAN Various beautiful beaches, the South Sea region is also known as a producer of large fish. Besides used for tours, beach Drini also used as a landing place of fishing boats owned by local fishermen. In the middle of the beach, the sand ramps, used as a simple dock for fishermen to land their boats after fishing. Left-right with a steep cliff, used for tours, although many visitors are playing around the wharf. As one of the fish landing sites Drini Beach also offers marine fish to the visitors. Visitors can get a new fresh sea fish derived from fishing boat at a cheap price. For enthusiasts can choose the Tuna fish, tuna, Baronang, squid, Rajungan, Crab, Pari and other types. Lobster for the baby's arms are also the main attraction, especially during certain seasons.

Fish can be taken home and cooked at home, or cooked on the spot. The traders are ready to cook fish purchased visitors. "It could then be eaten cooked here-yack," said a dealer in fish while frying a big barong customer orders. Traders are also preparing warm rice and sauce according to the tastes of visitors. The price? Not too expensive. If we are in groups, can eat together with the fish and sauce provided by merchants. Traders in Drini Beach also provides a salted fish that can be taken home for souvenirs. For fans of smoked fish can enjoy a smoke Pari fish whose flesh is soft brown. "Whatever, like cooked here or taken home. The fish is still fresh, fresh off the boat, "said another trader.
Supported Smooth Roads ONE tourist attraction is the roads that connect these locations to other places. District of South Mountain is known as the arid and arid regions. Along the way starting from Prambanan get to the beach, we witnessed a lot of dry stone mountain without trees. Actually this scene tedious journey, but because we have a goal to the beach, boredom can be avoided. Fortunate that the road leading to the tourist sites in the southern coast of the South Mountain District were all smooth and wide. Seen a new street was paved hotmix, ahead of the holiday. Local government seems to anticipate the surge of visitors during the holidays Lebaran by improving facilities at tourist spots.

Location Drini Beach can be reached from the ring road south of Yogyakarta at the intersection towards Wonosari. From this location to the east towards the City Wonosari Piyungan before entering. Another way is through the access area to the south of Prambanan. From the traffic lights in the area Bogem light toward the South. Both of the West and from the North, all running smooth with hotmix asphalt. Journey through the Prambanan more challenging because many passes through the winding streets barren mountains. The road continues uphill to the city after passing Piyungan Wonosari. Despite the uphill and a lot of corners, not to worry about traffic, because the road has just widened. In a few twists that are considered dangerous even created a special path, especially for slow vehicles such as buses and trucks. No wonder that visitors to coastal attractions spread across the South coast is quite a lot. Although the location is quite far away, but they still want to come. Besides beaches are nice, the road leading to the location it was quite smooth, making the journey was tiring. This is perhaps the exemplar of Malang Regency which has many attractions in the South Coast. The difference, in Malang regency has not been a lot of visitors because the road does not support. In addition many are damaged, the road to the South coast is also narrow. Nothing wrong with learning on the South Mountain. Drini beach location situated in the Village Ngestirejo, District Tanjungsari, Gunungkidul District, Yogyakarta and is about 37 KM from the City Wonosari or about 4 KM from the coast eastward Kukup.

The specialty of this beach there is a coral island Drini growing trees Drini and reputedly the wood can be used as an antidote to poisonous snakes.

In this Drini beach we can see clearly among the sea grass sea corals, and marine life lainnya.tapi possible for the current entrance to the beach access is still not as good Drini Beach alluvium, Tourism Indonesia Heaven on Earth