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Gili Meno Lombok Tourism

Gili Meno Lombok

This time we will take day trips to the Gili Meno. Gili Meno gili one of three located in the northern part of Lombok also offers beautiful beaches that are not less good. Gili has an area of ​​the smallest of the other two gili Trawangan with the water and the location of the eastern direction.

Although the smallest does not mean this dyke does not offer the beauty of the beach. Gili also has white sand beaches are clean and the habitat of the sea is wide - range.

If we surround the dyke is about - about 2 hours journey by foot while enjoying the beautiful coastal scenery. Indeed, this dyke dyke when compared to two other defeated in the amount of visitors or a little quiet but that does not mean this place is not in love. Perhaps for those of you who do not like the crowd is perfect in this place. Or a longer honeymoon location is very appropriate because it will enjoy the romantic atmosphere on the beach and see the sunset.

For lodging this place also has many available with a range of prices. Lombok Travel Travel recommend this place for you who want to honeymoon or for those of you who are looking for a quiet place while merileksasikan brain due to full employment that you live in urban areas.

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