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Object Free Tourism in Dubai

Object Free Tourism in Dubai - Who is not interested in cheap travel, especially the free ones? Although Dubai is known as a favorite tourist destination rich tourists from Europe, it does not mean there is no free thing that can be enjoyed in the city. What are the free tourist activities that can be done in Dubai?

See the Dubai Fountain

free tourism dubai

free dubai

Free Tourism in Dubai Fountain is the world's tallest fountain. This fountain is able to spray water to a height of 275 meters or the equivalent of a 50 story building! Special again, this fountain located in front of the tower Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. This spectacular attractions can be enjoyed without pay or free tickets!

If just the highest in the world, certainly less attractive. To be more unique, Dubai Fountain water jets are designed in such a way that can adjust to the rhythm of the music. At night, this attraction looks more attractive with lights and decorations 6600 25 color projectors.

The roads in the mall

tourism in dubai

You feel not the type who likes to shop? It's okay to not like shopping for reasons of economy. But, do not say no when invited to a walk in the malls of Dubai. Different shopping malls in Dubai because it is not only designed as places to shop. Many activities can be done in it, and many are free of course.

Shopping malls in Dubai is really designed as a place of recreation. Besides shopping, you can see a giant aquarium, artificial waterfalls, marvel at the unique interior design, enjoy the attractions of ice skating, and many other free activity.

Marvel at Burj Khalifa
burj khalifa dubai

It seemed almost everyone had heard of the tower Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building located in Dubai. Although visitors are required to pay a ticket to ride to the observation deck area, the tallest building in the world actually can be enjoyed from the outside.

Around the Burj Khalifa existing parks and artificial lakes are free of tourists, is very attractive for the background image. And do not forget, the attraction of the spectacular Dubai Fountain can be seen under the foot of the tower Burj Khalifa.

Go to the Beach
beach in dubai

The beaches in Dubai are known to be clean. The area is already well-organized with the parks and children's playground. The location is very near from the city center and easily reachable by public transport. Some public beaches in Dubai can be visited free of charge. Jumeirah Beach Park and Mamzar Beach Park are interesting from a visitor ticket. But the entry ticket price is quite cheap, only 5 dirhams (about USD 11,000).

Along the Dubai Creek
dubai creek

Do not ever claim to have been to Dubai if you have not visited the Dubai Creek. This is the legendary sights of the old city area of ​​Dubai which has many old buildings, galleries, museums and traditional markets. This area is also known as a shopping gold jewelry and textile products.

Relax in the garden
garden dubai

Although the climate of the desert, Dubai has many green parks lush botanical garden tub in the tropics. Free parks can be visited Object Free include Musriff Park and Rasyidiya Park. Sempatnya also to look at Safa Park and Zaabel Park with tickets costing only 3 dirhams (about seven thousand dollars). If you visit on a given day, you can also see Free Tourism in Dubai Flea Market is held regularly at Safa Park.

5 Best Safari Destination in Africa

Africa is a continent that is still a wonderful experience to tour safari well for you who is currently and will be going to Africa would be nice to visit the best safari destinations in Africa want to know where it wrote the following refer to this as the quotation from Legal.

1. Okavango Delta, Botswana

One of the best safari destinations in Africa is Botswana. Okavango Delta is in this country is the world's largest river delta. Okavango is one of the wet wilderness remaining in Africa, with the river and lagoon. Okavango Delta is also home to large populations of elephant, zebra, wildebeest, and giraffes and wild predators such as lions, leopards, and hyenas.

2. Mount Kilimanjaro and Kenya

Kenya is the pioneer in the African safari tour. The country is known as the safari area with the greatest concentration of wildlife on Earth.
Meanwhile, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, a volcanic crater and memmiliki three peaks covered with snow throughout the year. Every year, this mountain climb is curious adventurers to conquer it. Visit Maasai Mara Nature Reserve as well, which is famous for its lions and massive migration from the Serengeti zebra.

3. Kalahari desert, South Africa

South Africa is touted as "the world in one country" because in this country there are many tourist attractions safari, such as the exploration of the desert to the coast of the Indian Ocean.
One of the best desert in South Africa is the Kalahari Desert. Harsh desert environment does not allow the existence of modern developments in the vicinity. However, in the desert there are many nature reserves which can be a choice of desert safari tours.

4. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is one of the best safari destinations in Zimbabwe. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the largest waterfall in the world, with a width of 5604 feet and 354 feet high. Around the waterfall, tourists can take a sailing tour to see the animals foraging in the vicinity, such as elephants and hippos. When you want to see more animals and see, visit the Hwange National Park, which has the largest elephant population in the world.

5. Odzala National Park-Kokoua, Congo

This national park has the second largest tropical rainforest in the world after the Amazon. This large forest is also rich diversity of flora and faunannya. Africa's famous gorilla also has its largest habitat in the park. This national park is also home to the most important forest elephant conservation in Africa, covering an area of ​​13 600 square kilometers.

7 Destination for Young Children

Who says young people do not have an attractive tourist destination, place the following 7 is suitable for you who have young people want to know the place where aja's consider the following as quoted from

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a city with antique European charm and perfect for adventurous youth culture. Famous among backpackers, in Prague you must explore the city on foot and see every corner of the antique city like in the movies.

2. Bangkok, Thailand

Tropical climate, exotic scenery, beautiful beaches and lively nightlife make Bangkok one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for the young travelers. Bangkok must be one of the must-see place for those who claim to still young at heart.

3. Rome, Italy

Rome is a fantastic destination for young travelers. With a combination of antique and modern, rich history of Rome possess distinctive culture of Europe and the infinite that adorn the city.

4. Paris, France

For young travelers who want a romantic tour, no doubt that Paris was the right place. With culture, fashion, food, and high-quality art, city of light is suitable to be a place of comfort with romantic ambience.

5. Havana, Cuba

Cuba is now no longer cover themselves because of political identity that is different from most countries in the world. young children who have recently graduated college can feel the night life, culture, and beautiful beaches in the city of Havana, the capital of Cuba. Do not leave the country before visiting the famous cigar factory.

6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is one city in Europe who are youthful and energetic. Rich in art history, architecture, and culture, Amsterdam offers young people an opportunity to join in the fun nightlife. Some tourist attractions must be visited, is a city canal, the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, and the Heineken brewery.

7. Dublin, Ireland

If you are looking for a party atmosphere, then Ireland is the right place. This state really knows how to celebrate with great fanfare. Dublin is famous for its bars and cafes that are suitable for a place to celebrate your youth.

Extreme Tourism (Russian Extreme)

Extreme tourism or shock tourism is a niche in the tourism industry that involves traveling to dangerous places (mountains, forests, deserts, caves, canyons, etc.) or participation in hazardous activities. Extreme tourism overlaps with extreme sport. Part two major attraction, "adrenaline rush" caused by an element of risk, and differ mainly at the level of involvement and professionalism.

While traditional tourism requires significant investment in hotels, roads, etc., extreme tourism requires much less to jump-start the business. In addition to the traditional destination-based travel, exotic variety of suggested attractions, such as the elevated road at a speed of Mach 2.5 MiG, in the White Sea ice diving, or traveling across the Chernobyl zone.

In addition, extreme tourism including visiting "dangerous" places, like on the web page U.S. Travel Warning. These include goals such as Somalia, Iraq and others.

Extreme tourism is a thriving business in the countries of the former Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, etc.) and in South American countries like Peru, Chile and Argentina. [Citation needed] and the rugged mountains of North Pakistan has also developed into popular tourist sites extreme.

Some of the famous tourist attractions in the world of extremes:

Chernobyl Tours - Ukraine.
Swim in the pool of Satan in Victoria Falls - Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Flyover at a speed of Mach 2.5 MiG over 70,000 ft - Russia.
Plank walk at Mt. Huashan more than 2,000 meters - China.
Road deaths Tour - Bolivia.
Bungee Jumping into Active Volcano - Chile.
Shark Infested Waters to swim in - Florida, United States.
Climbing Mont Blanc - France / Italy border.
Volcano watch - Philippines.
Volcano Helicopter Tours - Hawaii, United States.
Cliff Jumping at Bash Bish Falls - Massachusetts, USA.

Russia is testing their nerves more and more often nowadays. Extreme tourism is becoming very popular in this country. The number of magazines and websites dedicated to these activities continues to grow, and TV programs have quite a few segments to promote it. Extreme tourists Fyodor Konyukhov, Dmitri and Matvei Shparo Russia has become a symbol of courage, and skilled use their name as a brand name by type of equipment manufacturers. In other words, extreme tourism in Russia is an exotic change of activity for a profitable business.

More recently, diving has become one of the trendy variety of extreme tourism in Russia. As many as 15,000 Russian diving practice. They enjoy the underwater scenery is not only in warm seas - the Black Sea, for example, but also in the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean. Black Sea for diving practice you do not have to be rich. To do the same thing near the North Pole is quite an expensive affair. You must have at least a few thousand dollars to pay heed instructions and special equipment. By comparison, wages in many rural areas of Russia are often no more than one hundred dollars.

Windsurfing has been popular among extreme sports enthusiasts Russia since the Soviet era. This type of adventure will not cost much - windsurfing is quite forgiving in terms of cost. All you do is rent a surfboard, and slid along the Black Sea for about U.S. $ 20.

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Tourism traditional water - canoeing, catamaran and rafting trips are popular among young and older generations together Russia. Many institutions of higher education have their own water travel club. This type of tourism is often associated with "intelligence" as much done by scientists, engineers and medical doctors. Such as "romanticism of water" is quite affordable even for the representatives of low-wage professions - such as this two-week trip costs U.S. $ 200 at most. Russians often enjoy a rafting trip down the river in Siberia, Ural and Far East. More and more emerging tourist bases across the country. They usually have all the necessary equipment tourists.

Mountaineer and Speleological club also has been widespread in Russia since the Soviet era. Mountain climbing enthusiasts have plenty of places to go - from the North Caucasus to Kamchatka. Russian mountain climbers even have their own popular "Bible" - the famous Soviet songs of Vladimir Vysotski poet, a romantic who poetized of mountain climbing.

Like the cave, they are easy to find, even quite close to Moscow. Take, for example, famous Syany Pakhra River. There are caves used for the purpose of "training". Experienced speleologists, though, prefer caves in Crimea (Ukraine), there are thousands of them there. Speleogical tours Especially for children over 7 years of being held in the area.

Snowboardists mountain skier and also have many opportunities to practice their favorite activities in Russia. Recently Krasnaya Polyana in Krasnodar in southern Russia has become one of the most fashionable resort. Often the visit of Russian President Putin, who enjoys mountain skiing, coupled with the popularity of the resort. According to the president of the Russian Tourism Industry Union (RUT) Sergei Shpilko, "Karachai-Circassian resort in the republic and Kabardin-Balkar republic in southern Russia to grow intensively." In recent years, wealthy Russians have switched their preference from the ski resort in the Alps and Pyrenees to the domestic resort. There is sufficient service quality to meet European standards. Complete sets of equipment - skis, poles, clothing, helmets, ski masks, and gloves - cost up to U.S. $ 800.

Military-style recreation is one of the most exotic types of extreme tourism offered by the Russian tour agencies. It includes a technical program of military and military-historical and intended for those who want to drive tanks, fly planes or fighter, or shoot live ammunition. So far, the types of extreme events is still being tested in the tourism market.

Quite a few clubs in Moscow flight offers the opportunity to make a parachute jump is less than U.S. $ 50. The instructor demonstrated that over the past decade a growing number of younger and older women have joined the ranks of skydiving enthusiasts. Many young women also want to practice hang-gliding. Favorable conditions all out there: You can practice hang-gliding and even in Moscow. "Currently, there is a new trend among wealthy Russian and foreign air travel to the Arctic," said Sergei Shpilko.

Traveling on foot and horseback riding are becoming popular among young people, especially representatives of the middle class. Typically, walking tours through wildlife reserves where animals are not afraid of meeting people because they are rare. Expeditions of this kind involves the use of satellite communications. Travelers often prefer Altai region or in the Caucasus foothills. A week-and-half-long journey running costs U.S. $ 250, at most. A horse ride a two-week trip costs around U.S. $ 350.

"Some areas of Siberia offers quality entertainment during the winter months. Tourists can ride a snowmobile, the deer and the dog-driven carriage, or on the train," said Sergei Shpilko.

Involving extreme tourism hunting and fishing of wild animals cost much less in Russia than in other countries. "Compared to South America, Southeast Asia and Africa, Russia has several advantages - a trip here is less dangerous and tourism infrastructure is developing very fast," commented president of the AGM. "In many areas the new airport is being built. Almost every member of the constituents of the Russian Federation, of the city of Sochi on the Black Sea to the island of Sakhalin in the Far East, has three-four star hotel." Therefore, Mr Shpilko continued, tourism opportunities in Russia "has gradually become quite popular in the tourist market" - a good thing to do Europe and Russia together went fishing and hunting trip to northern Siberia and Russia more and more often. They travel to Murmansk on the Barents Sea coast for salmon, to Siberia to hunt wild boar, and wolf Elks. In some republics of Siberia, for example, or Khakassia Tuva, tourists can stay in a special "yurta" (nomad's tent) camps. The trip is quite expensive for Russian standards - just a helicopter ride to a remote area of ​​nature reserves cost about a thousand dollars.

Mr Shpilko believe that Russia is a paradise for fans of extreme tourism. "Only a few 'empty space' that attract so many tourists stay in the world. Many countries can not satisfy the desire of tourists for adventure and discovery, again many Eastern and Western tourists have been traveling around the world and. They are looking for new opportunities to discover exotic places Russia and other interesting activities with vast territory and diverse geography can offer such opportunities .. There are many 'point blank' here, "concluded the president AGM.

The Old City is Still Breathtaking Chicago Tourism

Old Town Chicago
Old Town Chicago Ever watch the old movie called The Untouchables? Inspirational films include starring the world-class players; Robert De Niro as Al Capone, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner and Andy Garcia is taking Chicago as a location for filming.

Setting the film takes the atmosphere of the 1920s and the 1930s, as the era of Al Capone, Elliot Ness and Malone. The atmosphere of the town is very nice, modern, clean, orderly, despite a ruthless mafia headquarters, including Al Capone.

That used to be. Now, Chicago is much more shiny face than a century ago. Windy city covering an area of ​​588.4 square miles is a place to anchor the architects of the world's bully. No wonder the Chicago filled with tasteful buildings of architectural views. Chicago is also known as the city's leading tourist and business city of the United States after New York and Los Angeles. This river flows through the city can be an amazing event and tour the lake sailing event. Have not come to Chicago before navigating the river and the lake.
Old Town Chicago1

Behind all the advantages, Chicago has a charming sidewalk network. The sidewalks here are not only wide (six to 20 meters), but the scenery on the left and right of way was inspiring. The building is beautiful, classy image. There are also car chases, and passing an attractive man.

Harry Ponto, who loved the Chicago lawyer stated, in this civilized city residents could walk away with a very comfortable and safe. Spacious sidewalks, and parks upright fantastic everywhere. "Our health is always excellent because we always walk away. The air was clean," said Harry Ponto recently.

It's not fair if we compare Chicago with Jakarta. However, there are good citizens and to inspire excellence Chicago Capital authority to do things optimally. If the city government was able to make the sidewalk in half the city itself is a glorious achievement. Or the provincial government was able to make a ditch just not compressed, it is a spectacular achievement of performance indicators.

Old Town Chicago 2

Old Town Chicago 3

Old Town Chicago U.S. President Barack Obama promised to be present in Copenhagen, in October, in the final presentation of the city of Chicago who was running to host the 2016 Olympics.

Meeting of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Copenhagen, Denmark, in October 2009 also will choose host the 2016 Olympics.

According to the Chicago 2026 Committee Chairman Pat Ryan nomination, Obama has given a promise to his team to attend on Monday (23/3). The presence of heads of state proved a significant influence on the success of a city in the nomination. The presence of British Prime Minister Tony Blair proved capable of defeating Paris making London a more favored to be chosen to host the 2012 Olympics.
Old Town Chicago 4

Old Town Chicago 5

Factors figure Obama is expected to boost Chicago advantage over other candidates because of the popularity of this black president. Obama comes from Illinois was featured in the initial presentation.

Base G Beach Of Papua Indonesia

Base G beach is located to the east of the city of Jayapura, about 5 km from the city of Jayapura. The beach is a lot to save the histories of the Second World War-2-g base where the beach is one of the bases of the Allied Forces. The proof on this coast there are historical relics in the form of tanks used by the allies, there was an airfield in the coastal region and the base-g is used landmines from the world war-2. Area that was once a witness in the footsteps of World War 2 has a natural beauty that was incredible and very unfortunate if you passes through all of it.
Base G beach famous for pristine, natural, unique, beautiful, comfortable and beautiful. As white sand invites you to linger pamper yourself. Sea water is clear blue and clear spoil your eyes and bring inspiration. In fact, translucent sea views to the sea floor.

 The sky also looks so clean and welcoming shade in sunny weather when the beautiful beach that stretches along the Pacific Ocean. It's really an ideal beach for your swimming pool or sports fan who likes to bask in the sun. On any given month you can see directly, can emerge from the horizon sunrise beach-g of this base. You can also browse the coastal areas where there are heritage objects of World War 2. So, sorry if you miss it all. Disekitaran beach is also available restroom is owned by local residents which is used to flush the body, change their clothes and other aktifivas use the bathroom. So you should not hesitate a moment longer to soak in coastal waters.

The beach is also a magnet has been one of the Papuan people and travelers (domestic and international), usually in droves Papuans menjejakan foot on this beach. Especially on Sunday morning, the beach is likely to be devoid of visitors because most residents were still in church. The beach is crowded by late morning start. Getting late, the atmosphere more lively. All huts and benches are constructed of local residents to fill all the tourists, even visitors who are willing to roll out a mat to enjoy the beauty of this beach. From this beach, we can also see directly that the sprawling Pacific Ocean is also a gateway for the entry of ships from the west to the city of Jayapura. What a beauty that makes us as if forgetting time. Not only that, the wind blowing from the Pacific Ocean, waves and white sand, too, and enliven the beauty like no other.


G-Base coast lies on the eastern city of Jayapura.


For tourists who want to visit the coast of base-g, can begin the journey from the city of Papua provincial capital Jayapura. Of the city, Jayapura, to ride public transportation to the direction of the eastern Jayapura with the cost of $0,5, after which it can be reached by motor vehicles at a cost of $0.5 to the beach. Apart from that, you can also use the vehicles at a cost of $50/ day

This beach has its own charm with its white sand. This beach is located west of Jayapura, Papua. This beach faces east and is directly related to the Pacific ocean. Tanjung Ria beach is the real name of this but is better known as Coastal Base-G, because during World War II in 1944, allied troops landed on this beach and military bases to be made in the name-G Base Camp. It is not surprising that around the coast are found objects of war such as tanks, cannons, bullets, mines, and sebagainya.Pantai is located in the northern district of Jayapura. This beach can be reached by various types of vehicles, with a distance less than 10km from the city of Jayapura. Travel time to get to the beach is about 20 minutes from downtown Jayapura.

 2. Beautiful Coastal Base G
    G-Base coast is perfect for a family holiday destination. In addition to the white sand and pristine landscapes. Around the coast there are still lush trees, one of whom keben, the shape of trees and woody plants that software has a diameter of about 50 cm with a height of 4-16 meters. For those of you who want to relax and shelter, many small huts along the beach or the gazebo. Camping is provided by the local community, not by the City Government as the manager of the beach. Therefore you have to set up extra money to rent a cottage is $ 5 - (per-gazebo).

3. Visitors who Medium Relaxed atmosphere in the Bank Base G Beach

      Apart from the beauty of this beach, which take into account is the extortion of local residents either private car parking charges (motorcycle or car) is sometimes too large in number. This is because local residents still feel that this beach is an indigenous land (communal land), so that in their opinion, was the local community who are entitled only mengelola.Tentu course this needs special attention from local governments to curb the problem either levy levy entry beach area, and vehicle charges. So that tourists and visitors feel safe and comfortable travel in this beautiful beach.

Beauty Hamadi Beach Papua Indonesia

Hamadi beach is located in the southern part of the city of Jayapura, Papua province. Hamadi beach is the place where the scars of a world war-2, which are the first point of landing amphibious Allied forces in 1944 before continuing their journey to higher ground. The beach is approximately a total of approximately 5 hectares of square have a special attraction. Where in addition to storing a history of world wars-2, this beach also has a natural beauty that is feast for the eyes of the visitors are arriving.

Coastal area surrounded by green trees, which provide an atmosphere of coolness while driving along the road to the beach. Erotic and harmonious atmosphere feels when you are among the mangrove forests are found around the coast this Hamadi, provides its own colors and flavors for you to enjoy.

The beauty of the beach owned by Hamadi beach is also not less great with beautiful trees found around the coast. White sand beaches stretching from the tip, as if we indulge the sidelines for a while sunbathing beach. In addition you can indulge yourself with white sand on this beach, you can also look closely at some of the tombs and relics directly allied forces located on the southern coast of Hamadi.

If you want to relax for a moment to enjoy the beach air is so fresh, it also own a beach where you can relax for a moment. Surrounding community has provided cottages for you to relax and enjoy the air out of the ocean. This beach has also been providing a place for you to spend the night, with a distance of approximately 300 meters towards the north coast of Hamadi.

Apart from coastal areas, there is a market called Hamadi market with the distance less than about 1 kilometer you will be able to see some handicrafts pity if you miss it for granted and would be very unfortunate if you do not have the craft items.


Hamadi beach is located in the southern district of Jayapura, Jayapura regency, Papua province.

For tourists who want to visit the beach Hamadi, can begin the journey from the city of Papua provincial capital Jayapura. Of the city, Jayapura, to ride public transportation to the direction of Jayapura south with the cost of Rp. 2000 *, after which it can be reached by motor vehicles at a cost of Rp. 5000 *. Apart from that, you can also use the vehicles at a cost of  $. 50 / day *

Note: The prices mentioned may change at any time. Price based on an estimate dated 26 June 2011.

Hamadi beach tourism has the potential to bring benefits to local people and government of Jayapura. Unfortunately the beach is now avoided, because the pemalak. The city government also allowed just one source of foreign exchange. Unlike the Melbourne Beach Florida United States, for example, developed a very simple concept.

Vacation to the beach Hamadi was not the top choice among residents of Jayapura city lately. Look at the first beach clean and busy every day a holiday is now deserted. Just visited a particular person, such as those who may wish to remember his childhood on this beach. Or just a place to avoid the gaze or the target of the police by the penenggak liquor or alcohol.

Had a little simpler arrangement and construction of government facilities the City of Melbourne Beach (Melbourne Beach City Govt) Florida, where the author lived at this time, applied on Hamadi beach, this beach could be a leading attraction Jayapura city community, foreign travelers. Subsequent impact: this beach will be generating income for local residents or owners of communal land and income for Hamadi Beach Jayapura.

The first arrangement is interesting is the provision of rubbish bins, signs warning tourists in the corners of privileged seaside location, and assignment of volunteer lifeguards (paid-volunteer). In Melbourne Beach, the bins are provided every 30 feet at the parking place or a motor-car is also on the sand beach. The distance is approximately 100 feet of sea water boundary.

Signs warning is written in capital letters: "It is strictly forbidden throw garbage in the sand and sea!" This paper is also accompanied by a nominal amount of fines to be imposed to those who violate the rules. These sanctions apply to all citizens regardless of their position or social status.

There may have been the order of the government of Jayapura on Hamadi beach. However, it is still visible on the beach with people swimming floaters plastic waste, such as bags and bottles of drinks, including former lubricating oil containers, Mesran.

The second thing is no less important are the rules regarding the task force coast guard. Melbourne Beach guard task force formed by the local city government special financing to maintain security, order and safety of everyone in the beach area. They are equipped with various abilities to face adverse situations that have been estimated and learned from many years of experience. Such as how to overcome them is caught consuming alcohol in the sand beach or around the beach area.

Any problems that people complain about the city of Jayapura who often come to the beach Hamadi could be the basis for teaching and training of security guards the ability of this beach as a preparation to overcome the problems that people complain so far. As demands for money by the parties on behalf of certain groups. By working with traditional chiefs in the region Hamadi Beach, the pemalak be presented to the chiefs that caught their behavior.

Thus, the main problem undermining and disruption to the public using the beach in Jayapura go away forever. This can only be done through cooperation with the parties involved in the system should improve the quality of the beach-to draw inspiration from the formation of a task force by the City of Melbourne Beach.

Construction of picnic facilities in the coastal area is a pull factor of interest to visit. The City of Melbourne develop their supporting facilities, such as fresh water showers, volleyball court, barbecue place, a place of lodging tourists from Europe and some other cities of North America.

Suppose, the same facilities provided on Hamadi beach will certainly attract local and foreign tourists. Indeed, the facilities provided by the municipality of Melbourne Beach-than-free inn.

However, for Hamadi Beach facilities should be built as a rental at a price not too expensive. Other facilities may also be constructed and made free to the visitors of this beach is its utilization by the cleanliness of the facility records are the responsibility of visitors.

Lots of travelers from various countries of Europe and the United States who visit developing countries, such as in Central and South America in winter, the facility wants to live a fare of about $ 10 - $ 20 per day. Or about $9, - to $ 19 per day.

Living in an expensive hotel is not the primary choice for them. More specifically, they want a living area adjacent to the white sandy beaches, crystal clear and water free of pollution.

Suppose lodging facilities for travelers "bertas-large" (backpacker) could be prepared, the purpose of visiting foreign tourists will move to the city of Jayapura, rather than Bali, Lombok or Makassar, for example.

Hamadi beach quality improvement is an opportunity to leverage people's lives and the city of Jayapura in Papua province in general. The same method can be applied at other beaches in Papua. Yes, if!

Bugis Junction in Singapore

Bugis Junction, which is located above Bugis MRT Station, is a mall location that is covered with a glass roof, this is the first in Singapore. Inside the mall is air-conditioned and we can go sightseeing and shopping in the midst of building her architectural nostalgia. Coherent with the style of houses in China Bugis Junction exudes a charm of history and also provide a modern shopping mall. We will feel the atmosphere of the old city in a new city. At Bugis Junction, we are invited to stroll while shopping in a comfortable sun or shopping under the stars at night, but with a glass enclosed indoor mall. Bugis Junction is a place where many people come together for shopping, dining, entertainment and enjoy a unique shopping experience.

Bugis Junction was built in 1995 and is located on Victoria Street, Middle Road and North Bridge Road Singapore. Position right opposite Bugis Junction Bugis Street. When we taste the region then we can move like the way or at Bugis Junction Bugis Street. Both give different shades of shopping. Bugis Street gives susana like shopping in the market, with no air conditioning and in open space.

For those of you who want to shop like clothing or something that her original brand you will find at Bugis Junction this. So also for electronic goods such as computer store, cell phone shop to shop gadget here. As we see we'll find stores such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, LG, etc.. If you want to search for latest electronic perangka then you can stop at Bugis Junction this.

Here also there is a small kiosk, where they sell accessories such as watches, women's jewelry, electronic accessories, as well as foods. Not only expensive item sold here, the goods five feet with good quality are also available here, you just look around and pick and choose which ones you like. The stalls are located on the ground floor. In this area are also often held where the promotion of a product (a scope is not great exhibition).

When we are bored to spend, at Bugis Junction is also a place for you who want to find a book. Here are some books like Kinokunia stores and shops of children's books and other spiritual. Bookstores located on the top floor. So also when you get hungry on the floor above there is an area for dining (Food Junction).

At Bugis Junction there is also a cinema showing Hollywood movies. The atmosphere here is quite alive and vibrant, because almost all the shopping and entertainment needs here. When you use the vehicle cab, the authors suggest to return home from Bugis Junction this should not be fitted at the time the mall closed, because many people who want to use a taxi to go home, we might join the queue that could take nearly an hour. In Singapore for atrian waiting for a taxi is very orderly, no serobot, all orderly line waiting place that has been provided.

Happy shopping and entertainment in Bugis Junction!

Bugis Street, located in the city-state of Singapore, renowned internationally from 1950 to the year 1980, namely a night where the famous collection of flamboyant drag queen dress parade which attracted the attention of foreigners, especially sailors and military personnel during their rest & relax. It makes a phenomenon that made it one of Singapore's premier tourist destination during that period. And at that time in the evenings around the edge of the road came by wagon many merchants to offer a wide selection of cheap goods and snack foods, then this place is also known as the Night Market.

In the mid-1980s, Bugis Street must be demolished to make way Mass Rapid transport. Hawker stalls and street vendors should be relocated to other areas in Singapore. In 1988, as part of an effort to preserve, Singapore Tourism Board re-develop iconic sites and tourist attractions, then recreated Bugis Street.

After experiencing a renewal of close about 600 stores, making pride and Bugis Street became known as the location of the largest shopping street in Singapore. With increasing current, there will ditargetikan 800 stores in mid-2010. In the middle of a busy street, shoppers can find a variety of selling clothes, bags, shoes, belts, watches, earrings, silver accessories, souvenirs and local products are more unique design. Maintaining the identity of shopping streets, the buyer can make a bargain price negotiation skills, this is the fun and uniqueness of Bugis Street.

The prices offered here are very friendly, not just that a lot of selling goods, food and drinks too many stores provide. If in Jakarta Indonesia flavor-it's like in the Arts and Crafts boutiques, you can shop with snack foods and beverages. Time does not feel when we walk here, because many things can be seen. Bugis Street is very much visited by people from various countries.

Bugis Street is easily accessible via the MRT, buses and taxis. For added convenience, there are over 1000 parking spaces in the vicinity. There is just opposite Bugis Street Bugis Junction, Bugis Junction which provide more modern feel of the shop. Happy traveling!