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Tourism Apocalypse the maya Mexico

Forecast the Apocalypse of the Mayans of Mexico that blow within the wind brought with them throughout the globe. "by on-line media mapun offline. low-cost travel tips as well as follow-up participate of populeritasnya by publishing articles that distinguished this vacation of resurrection. Then who are the Mayans ...? therefore everybody trust news returning from him ...?. Apparently the Mayans of Mexico is in keeping with information found tips website tours low-cost already a lot of advanced build its civilization at the time Europeans still in darkness. and therefore the a lot of vital of those doomsday predictions of stories cases of all folks of the globe therefore it's a lot of apprehend the Mayans of Mexico following heritage Temple predicted can become a tourist Horde pemimpim Apocalypse by intelligent Nations Mexico it

Mexico President Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa caught this as an enormous business chance for tourism that ought to not be missed in granted, by selling tours of a number of the temples of the individuality of the maya who is rumored to own additionally the inventor of the calendar within the world of advanced pariwista within the world. then the individuality of what is there.? Let tourist tips website with low-cost we tend to explore along

Apocalypse Tour Mexico

In the forests of Guatemala Mexico contained immense limestone Yucatan disemenanjung Temple pyramids the Mayans found a mysterious. And still very little is understood by ancient researchers concerning Teotihuacan pyramids (pronounced tay-oh-tee-wah-con, and is just noted as "Teo" by the locals). rouse this traditionally lost found an inexpensive tourist tips website, said the magnitude of the traditional town of Athens and segede Rome. And still in keeping with the, place the middle develops learning hits and yank culture for over a thousand years, before being abandoned concerning 5 hundred years ago. Not solely were the opposite temple building is additionally found nearby

Architect Maya

Artistic style of the maya temple building this varies from one website to a different. Palenque is understood for his expressive carving Warrior, priest and King within the form of elongated, curved feature. Whereas in Uxmal was found with the so-called Maya Puuc style characterised by intricate stone, like the lattice. Chicken Itza, spertinya is galvanized by Toltec culture of Central Mexico with skull style motifs, snakes and horrible ritual carvings and glyphs.

The 3 main temples IE Uxmal and Chichen Itza in Yucatan, and Palenque in Chiapas, in keeping with the information of your search website low-cost tourist tips still in restoration and exploration, additionally started construction of access for tourists or travelers. in keeping with the records of 3 places within the amount reached its peak between the years 250 Classic Maya and 900 a.d., and every one 3 as well as a typical structure found in ceremonial ritual centers the Mayans, as well as court balls, temples and Pyramids. The position of Palenque is found eighty km South-East of Villahermosa. Sedanag Uxmal is approximately fifty miles southwest of Merida and Chichen Itza, located concerning seventy five miles east of Merida and 112 miles west of Cancun. Third place is bypassed via major highways and have already got hotel facilities adjacent to the location, permitting guests to cross a scenic tourist afternoon. the wonder of Expression the Mayans with the individuality of the Apocalypse tour tersogor in elements of the globe.

The panic can return the Apocalypse in 2012 utilised Government Mexico to draw in tourists.

December twenty one, 2012 is that the day that is taken into account by the Mayans as doomsday.Sebaba on that date was the top of the penaggalan calendar system they need since thousands of years ago.

The panic that seems to be a cleverly utilised the apocalypse is exactly by the govt. of Mexico, where the Mayans return from, to draw in tourists to go to the country.

Government of Mexico itself has place up a target come back of fifty two million tourists that will inundate 5 States: Chiapas, Mexico, Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, and Campache for as long as twelve months before.

This is a part of a tourism campaign ways initiated by Mexico's President Felipe Calderon to push Mexico as a tourist destination is exclusive with its peak ' welcomed ' the Apocalypse.

Several cities are in Mexico to arrange by the govt. welcomed the arrival of doomsday are:



The city is found on the border of Mexico and Guatemala. the govt. has put in an {area|a neighborhood} area digital clock as high as two.5 meters to calculate backward toward the December twenty one, 2012. This clock has started its own tally of the withdrawal, that began on December twenty one, 2011.

Cancun and Playa del Carmen

                                                   Cancun and Playa del Carmen

The city is found on the sting of the Beach offers to the tourist a bottle containing a letter or photo that may be buried for fifty years. there's conjointly a ceremonial center, welcomed the judgment because the ruins of Tulum, Palenque, Chichen and ready to accommodate the thousands of tourists who wished up-to-date witness to the history of the Apocalypse.
Merida, Yucatan

                                                                  Merida, Yucatan

A museum regarding the Mayans are ready by the govt. of Mexico which is able to be opened in June 2012. native governments own funds amounting to Yucatan issued thirty million bucks to create the museum, that is home to regarding 750,000 Maya artifacts.
Xunantunich, Cayo, Belize

                                                         Xunantunich, Cayo, Belize

Among the various tourist agencies advocate Cayo to be obligatory destinations visited particularly on December twenty one, 2012. History of Xunantunich web site can hold a competition and concert sufficiently big higher than the ruins.
Reserve Of Calakmul, Campeche

Reserve Of Calakmul, Campeche

The city, formerly one among the Maya civilization Center town. Construction of a hotel was started by the govt. of Mexico at the archaeological web site of Calakmul in Campeche, put aside for foreign tourists who are enjoying the tourist history and ancient cultures.

The Story Of London East ( Victoria Park ) Tourism

londonVictoria Park (or ' Vicky ' Park, characterized species as recognized by local) is a large open spaces that stretch along part of the East end of London, England with the borders parts of Bethnal Green, Hackney, and Bow, such as along the way Old Ford, London E3. This Park is located entirely within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

218 acres was purchased by the Crown, and Estet laid out by renowned designer London and the very architecture of Sir James Pennethorne between 1842 and 1846. Part of the region known as Bonner Fields, after Bishop Bonner, the lord of the manor last Stepney. The land is parkland, terdahulunya deals with the Bishop's Palace, but in the mid-1800s has been dispoiled by the extraction of gravel, and clay for brick.

It opened to the public in 1845. This large park is Regent Park warning (at least not for later, was designed by Pennethorne form teacher John Nash), although it is less busy, and he was considered by some as the most beautiful land in the East End. He bounded on two sides by canals: Regent's Canal which contains in the West, while the branch, once the former Hertford Union Canal flows are laid along the South side of the Park. There is a door which is named after the fence Edmund Bonner. That led to the main entrance at Sewardstone Road are now diceroboh through the dogs that have stood here Alcibiades since 1912.

A painting of a layout first released in 1841 is reserved.

Two feet of passageways, life-long friend alkof fragments of the old London Bridge, demolished in 1831, at the eastern end of the Park is terltak near the Hackney Wick War Memorial where they diletak in 1860. They were earlier part of its original decoration on jambatan 600 years 1760, by Sir Robert Taylor and George Dance the younger, and provide protection to pedestrians on a passing train. Insignia of Union Bridge can be seen in alkof-alkof. The alkof has been listed Grade II, since 1951 .

People's Park

In the late 19th century, Victoria Park became an essential amenity for residents of low caste East End. For some it is childhood East End in the 1880s, this is probably a stretch of untouched greenery they ever experienced. Convenience such as swimming Baths (the picture on the right) — were replaced by lido Park — may introduce a lot to swim in an era when many lay bath (as in Shacklewell) at that time was still used as a convenience to the public dress.

Victoria Park's reputation as the ' people's Park ' membersar when it became a Center for political rallies of mesyuarat and all stripes, perhaps exceeding in importance the more famous Hyde Park in this regard. The park covers antaramuka between Tower Hamlets — sunk in poverty in the 19th century and with a tradition of strong socialist and revolutionary agitation — and Hackney, more genteel, but old-centuries on legacy dissent and religious non-konformisme who brings to his own garangnya on renewing jenama. So he should not be kehairanan that the babaknya in some corner of the Speakers is a life.

Although a can establish their own lipur lara, people are usually interested in the largest of the ' Star ' Socialist speakers such as William Morris and Annie Besant.


Grade II  listed air pancut beverage in the Park Victoria Park was founded by Angela Burdett-Coutts Barones in 1862 . (October 2005)
This explanation by J H Rooney, correspondent for Harpers Magazine (February 1888) mengevokekan a half visible on the Internet: pratokoh
"In the Centerfold is a great wandering groups, some sesetengahnya are very tightly clustered. Nearly all of the sect of the religion of England and all parti preaching politics and society their ideas and bertengkaran
"On this page, such as fancynya listeners promptss him, can membantukan Malthusianisme, atheism, agnostikisme, secularism, Calvinism, socialism, anarchism, Salvationisme, Darwinism, and also, in rare cases, Swedenborgianisme and Mormonism. I never once heard of a prophet, a man who claimed given by inspiration by the Holy Spirit; but this Prophet ended up dikuncikan in a shelter, where he will memelukkan doctorate into confidence before he can recover his struggle. "

Is certainly a market place of ideas, and an important yanf, in a era which are still not reaching sastera nature; especially in the less wealthy parts of the East End.

The tradition of lay speech is in the garden lasts until after the second world war, and later still reflect in konset rock non-politics, such as those held by Rock Against Racism and the anti-Nazi League in the 1970s and 1980s he was not and is not common for marches or demonstrations for starting or ending at Victoria Park.

The Second World War

Hackney Wick Great War Memorial, August 2005
During the war, Victoria Park was closed to the public and large as memorable a footprint of Ack-Ack (anti-aircraft), also including kem POW, terdahulunya, convicts to Italy, and then Germany. Replacement guns for easy moving along the passageways that looping peletup Germany bomb Northwest after attacking the docks and warehouses at the South direction in Tower Hamlets, mananya now and therefore be of interest to some life-Park.

Booths plotting to tread-the tread is the shotgun in underground bunkers at the bottom of Cassland Road, Hackney Wick. A Hackney settlers at that time said:
"Being in the army of Ketia in 1952, I was directed to the booths of this operation, to help shut them down to eventually demolished.

"In my many years of kehirauan, I live no more than five minutes I knew they were there, in addition, the explosion of bombs have been put to death in the circumference of the place and the place was not taxable. Walaubagaimanapun booths are plotting more in operations in the basement. "

More bertentangannya again, the activity of anti-aircraft in the Park have been implied in a panic that caused the Bethnal Green tube disaster of 1943. Some accounts of witnesses has brought up the point that, after several warnings, the air raid berpanik run for shelter caused by an explosion of noise that dai Park landing sanghat. A BBC documentary on the incident bercadang that was caused by the firing of anti-aircraft rockets first Z-Battery new. UK Ministry of defence, though, disputes this account.
Park Victoria London

The modern era

Alkof pedestrian this is a fragment left from the old London Bridge, demolished in 1831. The two had settled in Victoria Park since 1860 (August 2005)
At the present time, Parks Victoria has become famous for its ceremonies muzik outside, often associated with political causes. Dokusandiwara Rude Boy rock 1980 characterizing The Clash playing at an event of Anti-Nazi League at the Park. Radiohead played two konset in the Park on the 24th and 25th June 2008.
Victoria Park is very well-known with childhood and dituanrumahkan with: a One O'Clock Club for under five; a group of deer and goats; and arrange a way to the activities of the summer season. And a kindergarten which includes swimming kayuh best.

Model clubs in the world, one of the oldest bots  Bot Stim Model Victoria Clubs, established in the Park on 15 July 1904, is still active today and held as many as 17 in regatta Sunday them every year. Running velocity straight clubs VMSB bots like they did 100 years ago but have also progressed into the control of radio and hyroplane. Regatta first held on traditionally Easter Sunday and the Steam Regatta is always held on the first Sunday in July.

The Park is also home to clubs or Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets Athletics, which his mother is on the Board of St. Augustine in B.T. Park. These clubs have celebrate the 200th anniversary of 80 in 2006.

During the summer every evening cricket wickets all weather garden, diaturkan by Victoria Park Community Cricket League. The Park also has a cricket nets three aisles are well-known, is free to use any time. He has been an eminent dihiaskan with a high at the end of 2005, paid for by an imprimatur from the England and Wales Cricket Perbadanan.
The Park is open days from 6: 00 a.m. until sunset.

After the last customer clean up crumbs of meat pastel face. After the last slide monopterus chewy down through the throat.

After the last cup of tea until exhausted, inhaled Fred Cooke turned a piece of cardboard inscribed ­ hands on the front door of the tavern, from OPEN to CLOSE. Cooke is the owner of the tavern pastel and mashed potatoes brand f. Cooke at 41 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2JS. The grandfather founded this shop when King George V still reigns.

"Of course we were all sad," said Cooke, in remembrance of that day, 11 February 1997. Cooke, men berperawakan great with thinning hair in the middle of the head and the gray curls and thick in the back, staring at the display in your brood in Hackney Museum. Display it as common use of baring nets to scoop up an eel from the tank, pot boil the potatoes place. Then, there is also a pan pastels made from steel and paper bag bearing f. Cooke to wrap up that will take home pastel by the buyer. Kitchen appliances belonging to the family business for three generations is now a museum artifact.

"We are the makers of pastel and mashed potatoes best known," he said. A grain of diamond in the right ear and a thick Gold Bracelet cuffs bear witness to the results of hard work during this time. Store and mashed potatoes in pastel Kingsland High Street that is one of the six family-owned Tavern Cooke. This shop is the most famous of a series of stalls them, but was forced to sink the current social order changes beset in East London.

Pastel and mashed potatoes which are fresh green parsley sauce, a bowl of eel in porridge, chewy gelatine is a symbol of working-class whites in the East End that the faded. They were replaced by waves of immigrants who arrive from India subcontinent — London, originally inherited the dock entrance to the entire United Kingdom Kingdom Kingdom. The Huguenots who arrived in the 17th century to save themselves from religious persecution. In the 18th century and the 19th, the citizens of Ireland to avoid famine.

Sri Gethuk Waterfall Yogyakarta

Sri Gethuk Waterfall Yogyakarta
Sri Gethuk Watrefall Yogyakarta-in search of a hidden waterfall named Slompret/Sri Waterfall located in dusun Gethuk Menggora, Village Bleberan, Playen, Gunung Kidul. Called Slompret because the locals often sound the trumpet of waterfalls and streams nearby. But never found time sought. Because it reads like a trumpet, then disebutlah with Slompret. Accidentally I found beautiful paddy fields area above the waterfall (see travelogue I see rice fields in Gunung Kidul Regency).

After enjoying the beauty of paddy field in satisfied over The waterfall/Waterfall Gethuk, Slompret I melanjtkan trips by asking for directions to the falls to one of the fathers of the farmers were passing there. He said to go to the waterfall just lived through a channel of water that comes from the upper waterfall. After finding a small footpath, just follow the directions where to stay, so roughly ancer-ancernya. I followed the suggestion directly deh father had said.

Travel through drains and footpaths is really interesting. I do not express my admiration for the bosan-bosannya the beauty of this place. So until the trail is his father earlier, I immediately follow the footpath. After the road around 500an metres, I actually "get lost" come across a small river a beautiful limestone rocks as a raw material. Wah ... again I was amazed. Very unique patterns of rocks. Like ancient stones (hallah lebay hehe ..). But the fact of the matter is thus indeed. Although I get lost up to here, upstream from the waterfalls, I even more excited.

cobblestones are unique

Next to walk down stream from hulu, I arrived at the top of The waterfall is Gethuk. Wah ... Once again a superb view. Karst cliffs loomed with the River splitting solidly around him. I am so reminded of my time in the Green Canyon, Pangandaran. This is not less interesting. I daydream for a moment to enjoy the sight of these beautiful hehe

Then I rushed down and looked for a way to find staircases down to the River (it turns out there is already a child tangganya). And once down the stairs pretty steep, it's me at the base of this waterfall. Wuuaaahh ... Amazingly beautiful sights that I rarely meet. The Brown limestone cliffs covered in bushes and plants growing around him green. Combined with extraordinary waterfalls as tall as 50 feet of rain descended upon the rocks hard limestone, brownish yellow color. With slope-the slope of unusual rocks, making the River should not be confused with the River in General. Green River water flow with a quiet flowing between cliffs. Wuuaahh ... this time I can not comment again. Speechless .... Amazingly beautiful. I can't describe the joy of my heart. Skip this alone hehe ...



one side of the River

the other side of the River

the shower, the water is clean on and suegerrr

This is only a partial picture of the hundreds of photos I took. Wonderful isn't it? I think the photos above can only reveal the beauty of the original a bit, so You come here mending himself to prove it. This is one proof that many "hidden paradise" in Yogyakarta, even Indonesia. And this also proves that the potential for tourism in the area of Gunung Kidul is actually very buanyak. It's on bored if tour to Yogyakarta Sultan Palace, only to Prambanan or Malioboro. Like this ya interest.

Place Of Pilgrimage Sunan Ampel

Sunan Ampel
Sunan Ampel-Grave of Sunan Ampel was in Kelurahan, Kecamatan Ampel Semampir, Surabaya, East Java Municipality. Due to its location in the middle of the city, the tomb of Sunan Ampel easily accessible by four-wheeled vehicles And two-wheelers. this place many arriving pilgrims who want to visit the grave of Sunan Ampel.

The tomb of Raden Mohammad Ali Rahmatullah or better known as Sunan Ampel, located behind the mosque. To reach the Tomb must go through a nine-arch, according to cardinal directions, symbolizing the wali songo or the nine guardians.

Three gate is the original building remains of Sunan Ampel. Grave of Sunan Ampel adjacent to the grave of his first wife, Mrs Condrowati, who was a descendant of King Brawijaya Five.

In the Tomb complex there is also a Sunan Ampel was the Tomb guards and santri-santri Sunan Ampel. Among the tombs of Dharma that add up to nine Mbah. Mbah of Dharma is said to have died nine times, therefore the mausoleum there are nine.

In addition, there is also the tomb of Mbah a daylight raid. During his lifetime, Mbah a name on a daylight raid has Sonhaji, an expert in determining the direction of the winds. Especially for determining the direction of Qibla.

The uniqueness and value of historical Mosque is situated at the pole 16 penyangganya made of teak wood measuring 17 meters without a connection.Bahaya this is still solid, but its age is over 600 years old.

In the pole there are buffer carvings of the ancient Majapahit remains, which means Oneness of God. The mosque has 48 gates which are still the original, one and a half metres in diameter, and height of two metres.

Other buildings that became the hallmark of this mosque is 50 meters tall tower. In the past, the tower serves as a call to prayer. On the Tower there is a dome-shaped verandah of Java, with coat of arms carved Crown-shaped Sun, which is a symbol of the triumph of Majapahit.

In this place there are also historic wells. But now covered with iron.Well water is believed to have advantages such as zamzam in Mecca. Its diverse, which is believed to be a drug. The pilgrims often carried water as souvenirs.

The Route To Reach The Grave Of Sunan Ampel:

For private cars can direct towards Religious Tourism Sunan Ampel. To take a bus from the terminal is Purabaya, further take bus destinations Red Bridge Plaza, go take a taxi or Rickshaw at a cost of around Rp. 8,000. For a train ride can get off at the station and then boarded a rickshaw with Ant it costs IDR 7000.

History and Biography Sunan Ampel

Sunan Ampel was one member of a awfully giant Walisanga services within the development of Islam in Java. Sunan Ampel was the daddy of the Trustees.From his birth the Islamic preaching in top notch on earth ground. the initial name was Raden Rahmat Sunan Ampel. whereas the term is kewaliannya, sunan title and name it or Denta Ampel Ampel is attributed to his residence, an area close to Surabaya1.

He was born in 1401 A.d. in Champa. consultants to see the problem here, as nonetheless of Champa there's a written statement moreover as an inscription showing the Champa Kingdom in Malacca or Java. Spy Chief Saif ad-Din (1979) are convinced that Champa was another of the Acehnese, Champaca so Champa is in kerejaan space of Aceh. Hamka (1981) holds constant, if it's true that it's not that in Champa Annam, Indo China in accordance Enscyclopaedia Van Nederlandsch Indie, however in Aceh.

Dad or Raden Rahmat Sunan Ampel named Maulana Malik Ibrahim or Maulana Maghribi, that came to be known Sunan Maulana Malik Ibrahim with the term. His mother was the goddess Chandrawulan, siblings, MOM Daughter Dwarawati Raden Murdiningrum Fatah, the wife of the King of Majapahit, Brawijaya v. Wife Sunan Ampel is twofold: the goddess and Goddess Karimah Chandrawati. together with his 1st wife, Goddess, had 2 individuals Karimah kids namely: Goddess Murtasih who became the wife of Raden Fatah (the 1st sultan of Demak Bintoro Kingdom Islam) and Goddess Murtasimah who became the Queen Consort of Raden Paku or Sunan Giri. together with his second wife, the goddess of Chandrawati, Sunan Ampel gained 5 kids, namely: Siti Syare'at, Siti, Siti Mutmainah, Raden Maulana Makdum Sofiah, Ibrahim or Sunan Bonang, and Airport or Raden Kosim became referred to as Sunan Drajat or typically known as Sunan Sedayu.

Sunan Ampel was referred to as being knowledgeable and had high and alim, terribly educated and gained a profound education regarding Islam. Sunan Ampel was additionally known to possess morals are lofty, magnanimous and have high social considerations against social issues.