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5 Best Safari Destination in Africa

Africa is a continent that is still a wonderful experience to tour safari well for you who is currently and will be going to Africa would be nice to visit the best safari destinations in Africa want to know where it wrote the following refer to this as the quotation from Legal.

1. Okavango Delta, Botswana

One of the best safari destinations in Africa is Botswana. Okavango Delta is in this country is the world's largest river delta. Okavango is one of the wet wilderness remaining in Africa, with the river and lagoon. Okavango Delta is also home to large populations of elephant, zebra, wildebeest, and giraffes and wild predators such as lions, leopards, and hyenas.

2. Mount Kilimanjaro and Kenya

Kenya is the pioneer in the African safari tour. The country is known as the safari area with the greatest concentration of wildlife on Earth.
Meanwhile, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, a volcanic crater and memmiliki three peaks covered with snow throughout the year. Every year, this mountain climb is curious adventurers to conquer it. Visit Maasai Mara Nature Reserve as well, which is famous for its lions and massive migration from the Serengeti zebra.

3. Kalahari desert, South Africa

South Africa is touted as "the world in one country" because in this country there are many tourist attractions safari, such as the exploration of the desert to the coast of the Indian Ocean.
One of the best desert in South Africa is the Kalahari Desert. Harsh desert environment does not allow the existence of modern developments in the vicinity. However, in the desert there are many nature reserves which can be a choice of desert safari tours.

4. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is one of the best safari destinations in Zimbabwe. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the largest waterfall in the world, with a width of 5604 feet and 354 feet high. Around the waterfall, tourists can take a sailing tour to see the animals foraging in the vicinity, such as elephants and hippos. When you want to see more animals and see, visit the Hwange National Park, which has the largest elephant population in the world.

5. Odzala National Park-Kokoua, Congo

This national park has the second largest tropical rainforest in the world after the Amazon. This large forest is also rich diversity of flora and faunannya. Africa's famous gorilla also has its largest habitat in the park. This national park is also home to the most important forest elephant conservation in Africa, covering an area of ​​13 600 square kilometers.

St. Lucia South Africa Tourism

St Lucia South {[Africa]} was formerly a fishing village that is unknown to the rest of the world is now a hot spot for not only wildlife but the adventure tourism.

St Lucia South Africa received world heritage status by UNESCO in 1999 and for a variety of legitimate reasons. But the beauty of the area speaks for itself. With five ecosystems in the park, and only 54 km to Hluhluwe Umfolozi game reserve in Africa's oldest park is truly a paradise. St Lucia has come a long way since 1999 now offers an amazing amount of accommodation, tour operators and restaurants.

But this will be a field of many cities are trying to make your stay in their area while traveling to South Africa or better yet anywhere abroad. But St Lucia is trully different, a park in the park so to say, region or city offers plenty to do for free, guided walk into the woods or walking guided to the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park. On the walk may encounter Buffalo, Zebra, Deer and Leopard not to mention a variety of bird species found in the area.

Many beach for a walk on the pads in mind that this is also the Indian Ocean and hence the tropical warm water all year round. From June of each year a person can experience Whale Watching from shore and boat-based tourism operators. Later than November of each year could see his head and leatherback nesting Logger St Lucia (iSimangaliso Wetlands Park) continues through March with the hatchlings.

Horse back ride well in the bush or beach rides are also available, snorkeling trips Cape Vidal offers clients the opportunity to see first hand the tropical fish and game fish in the bay. Deep sea fishing why not try your hand at some games of the season depending on the type specie of fish are found, and also including the Marlin in the summer.

Go on a game drive to see the Big 5 at Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Africa reserves the oldest park in Africa should really not missed.Or why not go to the Drive Night night to watch the animals in their environment.

Unlike many of the attractions in st Lucia, this place is well run, organized, and well worth the registration fee. The people who work here the knowledge, help, and love answering questions about their island. The canopy tour just as impressive as the zip line, it goes along, ski lift cable type a new system with open-air gondola. What is interesting is that the gondola running on two different heights ... On the way back to your ride much higher (about 50 feet) above the canopy, offering a different perspective than in the street. On top of that, you can see both coasts. Climb from the gondola to zip lines longer than expected, but offers a perspective from the rainforest floor through a large nut vines and ferns. Little kids like 5 or 6 can enjoy everything the park has to offer, just remember you closed toe shoes or you will not be able to do the zip line. We drove here from the island of gros, just be aware there are still quite a bit of road repairs following storms last year and had 3 miles long detour on the road is closed.