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Sri Gethuk Waterfall Yogyakarta

Sri Gethuk Waterfall Yogyakarta
Sri Gethuk Watrefall Yogyakarta-in search of a hidden waterfall named Slompret/Sri Waterfall located in dusun Gethuk Menggora, Village Bleberan, Playen, Gunung Kidul. Called Slompret because the locals often sound the trumpet of waterfalls and streams nearby. But never found time sought. Because it reads like a trumpet, then disebutlah with Slompret. Accidentally I found beautiful paddy fields area above the waterfall (see travelogue I see rice fields in Gunung Kidul Regency).

After enjoying the beauty of paddy field in satisfied over The waterfall/Waterfall Gethuk, Slompret I melanjtkan trips by asking for directions to the falls to one of the fathers of the farmers were passing there. He said to go to the waterfall just lived through a channel of water that comes from the upper waterfall. After finding a small footpath, just follow the directions where to stay, so roughly ancer-ancernya. I followed the suggestion directly deh father had said.

Travel through drains and footpaths is really interesting. I do not express my admiration for the bosan-bosannya the beauty of this place. So until the trail is his father earlier, I immediately follow the footpath. After the road around 500an metres, I actually "get lost" come across a small river a beautiful limestone rocks as a raw material. Wah ... again I was amazed. Very unique patterns of rocks. Like ancient stones (hallah lebay hehe ..). But the fact of the matter is thus indeed. Although I get lost up to here, upstream from the waterfalls, I even more excited.

cobblestones are unique

Next to walk down stream from hulu, I arrived at the top of The waterfall is Gethuk. Wah ... Once again a superb view. Karst cliffs loomed with the River splitting solidly around him. I am so reminded of my time in the Green Canyon, Pangandaran. This is not less interesting. I daydream for a moment to enjoy the sight of these beautiful hehe

Then I rushed down and looked for a way to find staircases down to the River (it turns out there is already a child tangganya). And once down the stairs pretty steep, it's me at the base of this waterfall. Wuuaaahh ... Amazingly beautiful sights that I rarely meet. The Brown limestone cliffs covered in bushes and plants growing around him green. Combined with extraordinary waterfalls as tall as 50 feet of rain descended upon the rocks hard limestone, brownish yellow color. With slope-the slope of unusual rocks, making the River should not be confused with the River in General. Green River water flow with a quiet flowing between cliffs. Wuuaahh ... this time I can not comment again. Speechless .... Amazingly beautiful. I can't describe the joy of my heart. Skip this alone hehe ...



one side of the River

the other side of the River

the shower, the water is clean on and suegerrr

This is only a partial picture of the hundreds of photos I took. Wonderful isn't it? I think the photos above can only reveal the beauty of the original a bit, so You come here mending himself to prove it. This is one proof that many "hidden paradise" in Yogyakarta, even Indonesia. And this also proves that the potential for tourism in the area of Gunung Kidul is actually very buanyak. It's on bored if tour to Yogyakarta Sultan Palace, only to Prambanan or Malioboro. Like this ya interest.

Beauty of India Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal Falls or Niagara Hogenakal are waterfalls in South India on the River Kaveri. This waterfall is situated in Dharmapuri district in Tamil Nadu state. This waterfall is located about 180 km from Bangalore and 46 km from Dharmapuri. this waterfall is sometimes called the "Niagara of India". is famous for its waterfalls that can be used for water treatment. This waterfall is a major tourist attraction.

HOGENAKKAL called Naigra of India is located in one of the most southern India that has been enchanting punchlined as Tamilnadu.Hogenakkal derieved of kannada word meaning mountain smoky. Hogenakkal attract tourists from all over India and abroad because, pure and calm an attractive waterfall, coracle ride and {[Angling]} is very popular among the locals living there, besides the local residents were also involved in the SPA and the message they do it for tourists on the request, the local woman who used to fry fish caught from the river and sell them to tourists and travelers feel eager to buy and enjoy.

Hogenakkal has been admired by many television sets there as it has been a hot spot destination for films like Roja, (Malayalam) Naran etc.

Seeing a huge tourism potential of these objectives can be developed for one of the hottest places to adeventure as well as for lovers of water sports with noble support of local communities. Coracle is visible only at the Triveni Sangam Is the main attraction in Hogenakkal and maintaned if this the right way this mode of water transport can be a wonderful resource for govt economy and to people locla, comes in addition to water sports, but now only a coracle boat operated fast, Paragliding, Angling, Rock climbing, swimming, diving, Raftingetc some other adventure tourism activities that can be driven at Hogenakkal. On the other hand the majority of tourists and school youth and college students that will attract many young people from neighboring countries or from other countries.

Accommodation is also an important factor and most of the travelers use to reach Hogenakkal by morning and evening so if the leaves of the facilities and activities can be increased then the tourists will stay there for more than a day and involve them in many othere. So that the accommodation sector should be expanded to the width of the tourists staying comfot, Road signs also widened and shoulder boards are worth keeping in the comfort of Tourist easy.

Appropriate parking facilities should be available so long as the season should not be any traffic jam.All activity can be maintained with the noble aim of the local community and income benefitng their livlihood out of it.There should be a proper control on waste because they have zero area disposla many plastic-free flora, fauna and the existing aviafauna.

Proper safety and security measures shall be maintained in and around tourist attractions, trained lifebuoys should be posted to look uneven because there is a strong stream of water use to take place .. Keeping all these things in view if this goal can be maintained in a proper manner HOGENAKKAL can be one of the best adventure destinations in INDIA for the time to come ...

Brief History

There are several legends about how the river Kaveri appear. According to Section 11-14 of the purana Shanda (also known as purana Kaveri) is when the big waves induced the gods and asuras to get Amrita, the elixir of life, Lord Vishnu created the Mohini, non-Pareil infinite charm of its appeal, for distract the asuras and restore the panacea for the gods. Goddess Lakshmi is also sent along Lopamudre, reincarnation Parvathi, to help Mohini. After the elixir was successfully returned to the gods retired to Brahmagiri Mohini and turned into a rocky cave. Lopamudre raised by Brahma as his daughter.

After some time to come to the Brahmagiri Kavera to meditate. Kavera lonely and prayed to Lord Brahma that he would bless him with a child. Pleased with his devotion Brahma and gave lopamudre for girls. Lopamudre renamed to Kaveri.

Kaveri wanted her father to have happiness and prosperity in life and surrounded by good people and happy. So he went to Brahmagiri well and prayed to Lord Brahma that he wanted to be converted into the river and flows through the country, pouring his blessing behind the green and fertile land. He also prayed that the water is sacred and all people who take or swim in it may be freed from their sins. Brahma granted him the grace Kaveri both easy and very happy.


River Kaveri or Cauvery River is also called in English, is one of the major rivers in India, which is considered sacred by Hindus. Originally the river was traditionally located in Talakaveri, Kodagu District in the Western Ghats in the state of Karnataka, the river Kaveri flowing melewai south Karnataka to Tamil Nadu.

Kaveri river basin at an estimated area of ​​27 700 square miles (72 000 km2) with many rivers including the Shimsha, Hemavati River, River Arkavathy, Honnuhole River, Lakshmana Tirtha River, Kabini River, Bhavani River, River Lokapavani, Noyyal River and the Amaravati River. Karnataka highlands west of the river Kaveri and is the entrance to the eastern Bay of Bengal.

after passing through the Deccan plateau, the river Kaveri to form two islands, Srirangapatna and the Shivanasamudra. On the island there is a high waterfall Sivasamudra 320 ft (98 m), known separately as Gagana Chukki and Bhara Chukki. The first hydroelectric power plant Asia (built in 1902) to the left of the waterfall and the power supplied to the city of Bangalore.


1.sistem extensive irrigation and for hydroelectric power
2.merupakan the ancient kingdoms and modern cities in South India

One of the famous of the river Kaveri is talakaveri, which is the significance of both Hindus in India.Talakaveri is a pilgrimage site in the middle of Bramahagiri Hills in Kodagu. Piligrims thousands flocked to the three temples on the source of the river, especially on a certain day known as Tula sankramana when river water was said to gush out like a fountain at a preset time.

7 at the World Waterfall Jump Fall to Sea

1.Un salto a la Playa in California

A relatively small waterfall at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. , But very beautiful. His name is The cascade McWay, Waterfall McWay only accessible by foot from the road that leads to the beach, and may be easier to see on the board.

2. Alamere
Alamere is a waterfall, down which flows directly into the sea.

3.waterfall into the sea in Scotland (Kilt Rock Waterfall)

Of 105 meters, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, we find the leap from the Kilt Rock.

4. Duden Falls, down to the sea in Antalya, Turkey

In the province of Antalya, in Turkey, jumping, Duden River series ended in spectacular fashion with a drop of water directly into the Mediterranean.

5. Jeongbang on Jeju Island
In South Korea, is one of the only waterfalls falling into the sea in all of Asia. Located on the island of Jeju, the paradise for honeymoon couples from South Korea, waterfalls overlooking the sea from a height of 23 meters.

6.Falls in the fjords of New Zealand (Milford Sounds)
In New Zealand, Milford Sound area are magnificent gift cards, but only in a very good look from the boat. The rocky coastline of fjords as the gap rises to 1200 meters, and waterfalls, spectacular fashion falling from above.

7. Seven Sisters in Fjord Geiranger (Geirangerfjord)
In Norway, another magical landscape of fjords and waterfalls are found in the Geiranger Fjord.

On one side of Seven Sisters Falls, and on the other hand, suitor ("The Pretender") faced to complete the unique natural landscape setting.

Top 23 Most Amazing Waterfall Tours in The World

The waterfall is a natural appearance that has its own charm, cross the water, accompanied by tupahan water from above that sometimes can lead to beam sunlight into a rainbow made waterfall iconic romantic nature. In this world there are many waterfalls are having an amazing natural beauty, but according to Listphobia site, there are 10 airterjun considered the 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world.
Here is a list of 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world:

1. Steinsdalsfossen waterfall Norway

Steinsdalsfossen are waterfalls of the most frequently visited in Norway. This is because not too far from Bergen in the river Fosselva. Steinsdalsfossen about 50 meters high and is at its greatest when the snow melts in May and June. A path behind it to make visitors more comfortable to watch more closely.

2. McWay Falls

3. Alamere Falls

4. Burney Falls

5. Baatara Gorge Waterfall

6. Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls is one of four waterfalls in Havasu Creek canyon. It is claimed by many as a waterfall that is not true, because of the short and the fact is a number of large and small rocks that lie close to each other. Despite its small size, Beaver Falls is the most beautiful among the average. The waterfall is located about 9.7 km downstream of Supai, and is the most difficult to access. It was the most stable places for rock climbing and exploration!

7. High Force

8. Fulmer Falls

9. Silverthread Falls

10. Umpang Thee Lor Sue Waterfall

11. Angel Falls, Venezuela

At an altitude of 1024 m, Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world. Located in Canapa National Park in Venezuela. His name has nothing to do with angels; named after Jimmie Angel begins with the first American aviator to fly over the aircraft and crashed in 1933. Waterfalls in Venezuela known as Kerepakupai Meru (which in Pemon language means "waterfall of the deepest place"). The Angel Falls can be achieved only through the air, which made the expedition is not only interesting but also very unpredictable.

12. Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia

13. Detian Falls, China - Vietnam

14. Gullfoss (Golden Falls), Iceland

Gullfoss (from kataicelandic "gull" meaning gold and "fossei" which means waterfall) is the largest waterfall in Europe and Iceland's most beautiful. Located in southwest Iceland, in the gorge of the River Hvítá. Gullfoss consists of two tiers - one with a height of 21 meters and the other at an altitude of 11 meters. With a depth of 70 meters. Waterfall formed as part of the "Golden Circle" - a group of geysers and hot springs - the most popular tourist destination and most interesting in this country.

15. Havasu Falls, Arizona, United States

Beaver Falls is one of four waterfalls in Havasu Creek canyon. It is claimed by many as a waterfall that is not true, because of the short and the fact is a number of large and small rocks that lie close to each other. Despite its small size, Beaver Falls is the most beautiful among the average. The waterfall is located about 9.7 km downstream of Supai, and is the most difficult to access. It was the most stable places for rock climbing and exploration!

16. Huangguoshu, China

Huangguoshu (also known as "the Yellow Fruit Tree Waterfall") is one of the largest waterfall in China (and Asia as a whole). It is located Baihe River in Anshun, Guizhou Province. To explore, see and even touch the waterfall from behind - from the water-curtain is through a cave called "Shuiliandong". Because of this reality, the Huangguoshu is one of the few waterfalls in the world that can be viewed from different sides - back, front, top, bottom, left and right.

17. Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil

Iguazu Falls Iguazu River located in the Iguazu National Park, which lies on the border between Brazil and Argentina. This waterfall takes its name from the Guaraní word "y" means water and "guasu" which means big. Iguazu Falls has a total width of 2.7 km. The main waterfall is located in the Iguazu complex, often called the Devil's Throat (also called "Garganta del Diablo" in Spanish), also a border line between the two countries. Some islands separated by another waterfall. Upon seeing Iguazu, 'First Lady' United States Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly beteriak "Poor Niagara!" No doubt, Iguazu must be on a list of places you have visited.

18. Jog Falls, India

19. Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

20. Niagara falls, the U.S. and Canada

Niagara Falls is located on the border between Canada and the United States. It consists of three waterfalls - Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls - which separates the state of New York and the Canadian province of Ontario. Despite having a height of only about 53 meters, but Niagara Falls is the most beautiful waterfall in North America, with production capacity to 4.4 gigawatts of electricity. A very impressive display is viewed from the Canadian side of the Rainbow Bridge which connects the two countries.

21. Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe / Zambia

Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya, located in the southern African country between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The waterfall is named after the arrival of Queen Victoria in 1855 by David Livingstone, an explorer of Scotland. Earlier this waterfall was named "The Mist That Thunders." Taken from a place in the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Although not the highest nor the widest in the world, this waterfall is one of the largest and most attractive. With a width of 1708 meters and a height of 108 meters.

22. Giessbach Waterfalls - Switzerland

This beautiful waterfall is not claimed as the largest and the highest in the world. Usually people can see Giessbach Falls on European travel postcards, this is to combine all the elements of natural beauty in Switzerland. Giessbach known as crystal-clear lakes and snowy white mountain peaks surrounded by greenery. Giessbach formed by 14 cascade that is connected to Lake Brienz. Spectacle is so fascinating!

23. Yellowstone Falls - USA

Yellowstone Falls is located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA. Yellowstone is formed by two major waterfalls on the Yellowstone River - Yellowstone's Upper and Lower Yellowstone - and both are located in the famous Grand Canyon. Lower Falls is almost two times higher than Niagara, and almost not worth only about 22 meters wide. Lower Falls is surrounded by volcanic rocks and mountains. Jim Bridger was believed that white Americans who first saw in 1846. Year 1969 was officially named Yellowstone Falls.