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Ratu Boko Palace Tourism

Ratu Boko Palace Tourism

Ratu Boko Palace is a magnificent palace complex built in the 8th century. Can be said to be the grandest buildings in its time it was built by one of the relatives of Borobudur founder. The palace is located on Jalan Raya Yogyakarta-Solo, Prambanan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Ratu Boko Palace is a magnificent building that was built during the reign of Panangkaran, one of the descendants of the Sailendra dynasty. The palace was originally named Abhayagiri Vihara (meaning monastery in a peaceful hill) was built for seclusion and focus on the spiritual life. Being in this palace, you can feel peace and view of the city of Yogyakarta and Prambanan the background of Mount Merapi.

The palace is located 196 meters above sea level. 250,000 m2 area of the palace is divided into four, namely center, west, southeast, and east. The middle section consists of the main gateway, field, Combustion Temple, pond, and assembly hall. Meanwhile, the southeast part includes Hall, Hall-Hall, 3 temples, ponds, and complex for princess. Complex of caves, Buddhist Stupa, and a pool located on the east. While the western part consists only of the hills.

If you enter from the gate of the palace, you will go directly to the middle. Two high gates will welcome you. The first gate has three entrances while the second has 5 doors. If you are careful, the first gate will be found writing 'Panabwara'. Said that, based on inscriptions Middle Wanua III, written by Rakai Panabwara, (descendant Panangkaran) who took over the palace. The purpose of writing his name is to legitimize power, give 'power' so that a more glorious and to give sign that the building is the main building.

Ratu Boko Palace Tourism

About 45 meters from the second gate, you will see a temple made of white stones so-called White Stone Temple. Not far from there, will find Combustion Temple. The temple is square (26 meters x 26 meters) and has 2 terraces. As the name implies, the temple was used for cremation. In addition to the second temple, a sacred terrace and a pond then you have to walk about 10 meters from the Combustion Temple.

Mysterious well be seen if you walk to the southeast of the Combustion Temple. That said, the well was named Amrita Mantana that means sacred water treated with charms. Now, the water is still often used. Local people said, well water that can bring good luck to the wearer. While Hindus use it for Tawur grand ceremony the day before Nyepi. Using water in the ceremony is believed to support the goal, which is to purify ourselves to return the earth and its contents on the initial harmony. We suggest you visit Prambanan temple one day before Nyepi day to see the ceremony process.

Stepping into the eastern part of the palace, you will see two caves, big pond measuring 20 meters x 50 meters and a Buddhist stupa looks calm. Two caves were formed from sedimentary rock called pumice breccia. Caves that are more on so-called Cave of Lanang while under the so-called Cave Wadon. Exactly in front of the Cave Lanang there is a pool and three stupas. Based on a study, it is known that the effigy is Aksobya, one of the Buddhist Pantheon.

Although it was founded by a Buddhist, it has elements of Hinduism. It can be seen with the Linga and Yoni, Ganesha statues, and gold plate that reads "Om namah swaha Rudra yes" as a form of worship to the god Rudra is another name of Lord Shiva. The existence of Hindu elements that prove the existence of religious tolerance that is reflected in architectural works. Indeed, when it Panangkaran who are Buddhists live side by side with the followers of Hinduism.

Ratu Boko Palace Tourism

Few know that this house is witness of the initial triumph in Sumatera land. Balaputradewa had fled to the palace prior to Sumatra when attacked by Rakai Pikatan. Balaputradewa rebelled because he felt as the number two in the reign of Old Mataram Kingdom because of Rakai Pikatan marriage with Pramudhawardani (Balaputradewa brother. After he was defeated and fled to Sumatra, before he became king in the kingdom of Srivijaya.

As a heritage building, King Boko Palace is different from other inheritances. Other buildings are in the form of a temple or shrine, as the name implies this shows characteristics as a residence. It is shown from the presence of the building in the form of pillars and roof are made of wood, even though we can only see remains of a stone building. Investigate the palace, then you will get more, one of which is a very beautiful view of the sunset. An American tourist said, "This is the most beautiful sunset on earth."

Ratu Boko Palace Tourism

Jogan beach tourism in yogyakarta

Jogan beach tourism in yogyakarta

Exotic beach with Waterfall and clash in the South Sea Yogyakarta. The beach is located in Tepus, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Waterfall in the sea mouth is something rare in Indonesia, even the world. Hidden behind the karst hills, Gunung south of Yogyakarta turned out to save the waterfall that falls directly into the sea mouth. An irresistible charm.

Twilight participate welcome when arriving at Jogan Beach. Flanked by high cliffs typical limestone mountains, beach Jogan clash tub, a stream of water coming down the mountain to see the waves of the trip. Of the dozens of beaches scattered along the 71 kilometer coastal Gunungkidul Jogan Beach occupies a privileged position because of the presence of a waterfall that fell from the cliff into the sea mouth, reminiscent of the McWay Waterfall Beach in California. So far, not many travelers know about Jogan Beach. The exact location is in the west Siung often forgotten by the climbers who encouraged the spirit of embracing moleknya Siung.

To reach the beach Jogan, it took about two hours drive from Yogyakarta. Down the smooth asphalt roads, winding splitting karst hills is the remainder of the oceans millions of years ago. When we arrived at the Post Retribution Siung, meaning Jogan Beach is near, because about 400 meters from the post, you will see a wooden plank signpost towards Jogan. Replaces the smooth asphalt, footpath into the next guide, escort you to the river accompanied by two small on the left side that will be fused and then transformed into a waterfall. Unfortunately, its beauty can be seen only during the rainy season, while in the dry season water flow is very small coupled with water extraction activities for the sake of the citizens needs.

Jogan beach tourism in yogyakartaTo be able to enjoy a splash of water from the top of the cliff, we had to go down to the bottom. There are two ways to go down, first with techniques aka rappeling canyoning in a waterfall. Certainly necessary equipment and qualified ability to do so. Second, treading derivative slippery wet. Fortunately available wood handle as the support body. However, caution is required because of the steep path. After a steep and slippery rocks, the remaining one more challenge, we still have to pass through the reef inhabited by thousands of colored transparent baby crabs measuring about 5 mm. This is not a colony dwellers Christmas Island red crab (which is near the West Java but possessed Australia), but through it with bare feet is certainly not a simple matter. Residents used to take it for a cooked crab baby, be friends eating warm rice at a time when the rainy season. If lucky, visitors can also see hundreds of butterflies swarming in dry rocks.

Well, you came. Set against the purple sky at dusk, staring off into the Indian Ocean, watching the waves roll Poseidon throws that seemed ready to devour, while behind his back, the deafening sound of a waterfall, a sign of the swift water falls. No need to cringe, enjoy the hospitality splashing water when the legs touch the rigors of coral rock. Greet politely before you parted the curtain of water, entered the contest grojogan. Fresh pouring fresh water from rivers secret karst hills make us feel as Gunung aridity is a myth. Because in fact this area has a lot of water sources, which unfortunately is hidden in the bowels of the earth.

Jogan beach is the giver of freshness, like an oasis in the vastness stretch of white sand beach Gunung. As well as garnishes on the plate is too dear to be missed. The beach is right for you who want to feel different sensations of coastal paradise south of Yogyakarta.

Ijo Temple Tourism

Ijo Temple Tourism

Ijo Temple is located in Bukit Ijo, Sambirejo village, Prambanan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Located at the high temple in Yogyakarta that presents the charm of nature and culture as well as the middle of the plane landing. This makes temple Adisucipto airport runway can not be extended to the east.

Down the road to the south of Queen Boko Palace complex is an exciting journey, especially for cultural tourism lovers. How not, the temple there were scattered like mushrooms in the rainy season. One of them that has not been a debate is Ijo Temple, a temple located at the height of the other temples in Yogyakarta.

Ijo Temple was built around the 9th century, on a hill known as the Green Hill Ijo dunes which height is 410 m above sea level. Because of its height, it is not only the temple but also can enjoy the natural scenery below such as terraces of agriculture land with steep slopes. Although not a fertile area, the landscape around the temple is very beautiful to enjoy.

The temple complex consists of 17 structures were divided into 11 terraces. The first terrace the yard leading to the entrance is a terrace staircase stretching from west to east. Building on the porch to-11 in the form of fences, eight stakes phallus, four buildings namely the main temple, and three ancillary temples. The laying of the building on each terrace is based on the sacredness. Building on the highest terrace is the most sacred.

Various forms of art found from the entrance to the building is classified as a Hindu temple. Just above the entrance there is a motive when makara with double heads and some of its attributes. Motif and attributes which can also be found in Buddhist temples show that such temples are acculturation forms of Hindu and Buddhist culture. Some temples have a motive when similar makara among others Ngawen, Plaosan and Sari.

Ijo Temple TourismThere are also statues that depict women and men who drift and lead to a particular side. The figure may have several meanings. First, as suwuk to mngusir evil spirits and the second as a symbol of unity of Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma. Unity is interpreted as the beginning of the creation of the universe. Unlike the statue in Prambanan Temple, natural style of the statues in Ijo Temple do not lead to eroticism.

Towards building ancillary temples on the terrace to the 11th, there is a place like a bath of fire sacrifice (homa). Right at the top of the back wall there are air holes or vents in the form of a parallelogram and a triangle. The existence of a fire sacrifice reflects the Hindu community that worships Brahma. Three perwara show respect for the people in the Hindu Trimurti, Brahma, Shiva, and Whisnu.

One of the works that keep mystery are two inscriptions located on the terrace of the temple on the 9th. One of the inscriptions is coded F with the writing Guywan or Bluyutan meaning place for meditation. Another inscription is made of stone as high as 14 cm and 9 cm thick containing magic spells that are predicted to be a curse. Spells were written 16 times and them that read "Om Sarwwawinasa, Sarwwawinasa." It could be two inscriptions may relate closely to certain occurrences in Java at the time. What events? Has yet to unfold.

Visiting this temple, you can see the beautiful scenery that can not be found in other temples. When facing the west and look down, you can see the planes taking off and landing at Adisucipto Airport. This scenery because Thousand Mountains where the temple stands is the border of the eastern part of the airport. Because of the existence of the temple in the mountains anyway, Adisucipto airport runway can not be extended to the east.

Every detail of the temple presents meaningful thing and invites the audience to reflect that the trip will not just be fun. The existence of many great works of art without the name of the author shows a view of the current Java community that emphasized more on moral message presented by a work of art, not the creators or the greatness of their works.

Natural Nature Tourism Samosir Island

Natural Nature Tourism Samosir Island

Samosir Island is a volcanic island in the middle of Lake Toba in North Sumatra province. Samosir Island is commonly called the island in the island with an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, making the island became an island that attract the tourists.

Tuktuk is the concentration of tourists on the island. From Parapat, Tuktuk can be connected to the ferry crossing. In addition to water transportation, Samosir Island can also be reached by road through Pangururan be a place where Samosir Island and the island of Sumatra in touch.

Samosir island itself is located in the district of Samosir newly bloomed in 2003 from the former-Toba Samosir regency.

On this island there are also two small lakes as a tourist area that Sidihoni Lake and Lake Aek Natonang who earned the nickname "lake on the lake".

Destinations in Samosir

Samosir has tourism potential areas based on natural scenery, spiritual tours, farm tours, cultural tours and the waters of Lake Toba. Tourism Object is scattered in various subdistrict. If you've been in Samosir, you should take the time to enjoy it, even just crossing / passing.

District Simanindo, Samosir
Natural Nature Tourism Samosir Island

Tourism Object in this district in the form of history as a tourist attraction
  • Tomb of King Sidabutar, was in Tomok, tomb stone carved intact without any linkage to the resting place of King Sidabutar businessmen Tomok area at that time.
  • Parsidangan stone, located in the village of stone Siallagan is structured so during the reign of King Siallagan to a judge and execute criminals.
  • Museum Huta Bolon, storage ancient objects of the Batak

Arts and Culture Tourism Object like
  • Performing Sigale gale, was in Tomok is a folk art form of sculpture is made so that can dance to the rhythm of traditional music gondang.
  • Arts Building, building cultural attractions and art, are in Tuktuk Siadong

Object Nature ie
  • Marhosa stone, was in sigarantung, the village is a natural phenomenon stone Parmonangan benafas or can exhale
  • Goa Marlakkop, in the village of Tanjung
  • Stone fences and Bottean, in Lontung
  • Ambarita coast, where bathing and fishing
  • Aek Natonang, located at dsa Tanjungan a lake on the lake and is planned as an area covering 105 ha Forest Tourism.
  • Pulo Tao, restaurants and camping ground is located in the Village Beach Simanindo.
  • Tuktuk Siadong, cape peninsula-shaped region that is located so that now the center of tourist activities (tourism central district), are met by the hotel and restaurant business as well as a painter and engraver.
  • International Kite Beta hill, a special area in Tuktuk Siadong which has ditabalkan by the Governor of North Sumatra Mr. T. Rizal Nurdin in August 2004 to the location of the International kite game

Subdistrict Pangururan, Samosir
Natural Nature Tourism Samosir Island

Object Nature
  • Thermal Baths, within 3 KM from the city Pangururan

Object History
  • Tano Ponggol canal, the canal that separates the island of Samosir in Sumatra Island created by the colonial Dutch and is still functioning.
  • Persanggarahan, Dutch colonial heritage buildings currently used as an office and residence of the acting regent of Samosir, located in the City Pangururan.
  • Statue of Liberty Malau, A memorial fight fighter force 45 from the island of Samosir who helped the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

Tourism Object Art and Culture
  • Open Stage, building outdoor stage in the middle of town Pangururan as the arts and cultural attractions.
  • Weaving Ulos Batak community, community groups working on traditional weaving Ulos Hobo in Lumban Suhi-suhi within + 4 Km from Kota Pangururan.

Subdistrict Sianjur Mula Mula, Samosir
Natural Nature Tourism Samosir Island

Object Nature
  • Mount Pusuk Buhit, Batak ethnic origin
  • Aek Boras, springs Teacher Tatea Month
  • Aek sipitu Dai, water sources can be streamed into seven channels and has seven flavors and can be believed to cure various diseases.
  • Sawan stone, a stone lime flavored water
  • Pulo Tulas, a small island in the middle of Lake Toba

Object History
  • Parhusipan stone, the meeting place of Si Boru Pareme
  • Pargasipan stone,
  • Nanggor stone, a rock hammer Thousand Hills King forge weapons
  • Hobon stone, stone storage heirlooms.
  • Sigulatti, place in the mountains Pusuk Buhit who believed the origin of the Batak.

Subdistrict Onan Runggu, Samosir
Natural Nature Tourism Samosir Island

Object Nature
  • Lagundi Sitamiang, the location for the camp is equipped with teenagers cottage
  • Surlau Tambun, a natural bath with fresh water and cool air
  • Hariara Na Bolon, a natural phenomenon where the miraculous banyan tree (hariara) fused to form a very large tree
  • Free Sukkean beach, beach with pristine white sand and has been frequently visited by foreign tourists for bathing and sunbathing.

Daily Subdistrict Boho, Samosir
Natural Nature Tourism Samosir Island

Object Nature
  • Tele view tower, tower tmpat panoramic view of Lake Toba on the heights of the Tele.
  • Partukko Naginjang, in the village of Promise Martahan Martahan, landing sites peterbang Kite
  • Niagara Sampuran Euphrates Dolok bill, with 26 M height and width 10 M is 3 KM from Daily Boho
  • Spring Pohan Pokki, in Sitohang within 2 KM from Port Sitohang

Subdistrict Nainggolan, Samosir
Natural Nature Tourism Samosir Island

Object History
  • Stone Master, A stone that has three foundations are believed to be the slogan of the Batak is "Dalihan Natolu"

Object Nature
  • King maria beach, free beach in the village of Mary King with white sand and crystal clear water lake for bathing and recreation.

Subdistrict sitio Tio, Samosir

Object History
  • Spring Datu Parngongo, + 4 Km from Pier Tamba is magical springs made by a Datu Parngongo contained in lerng very steep hill.

Object Nature
  • The beach is free, location in the village Sabulan
  • Saruding Boru baths, located in Ranssangbosi ar
    ound + 35 Km from Pangururan.

Subdistrict Ronggurnihuta, Samosir
Natural Nature Tourism Samosir Island

Object Nature
  • Sidihoni lake, a lake in the middle of Samosir Island is unique as the lake above the lake.
  • Aek Liang, a natural phenomenon of spring in the cave.
  • Sidam cave-dam
  • Sidam stone-dam, the black stone which was holy and sacred

Object History
  • Simalinting, a large tomb

Subdistrict Palipi, Samosir

Object History
  • Chain stone, in the City Mogang
  • Somalim Piso, a historic place in Mogang

Object Nature
  • Hot Simbolon, sulfur rocky area where there are hot springs unspoiled.

Tourism Object nature of Lake Toba

Tourism Object nature of Lake Toba

Lake Toba is a volcanic lake with a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide, located in the province of North Sumatra, Indonesia. This lake is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In the middle of this lake there is a volcanic island called Samosir Island.

Lake Toba has long been an important tourist destination in North Sumatra, Bukit Lawang, Berastagi and Nias, attract domestic and foreign tourists.

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty and hospitality of the lake and its inhabitants, while in Samosir you can see attractions such as seeing the grave stone, Simando, Ambarita (stone table where traditional Batak penalties) or swimming in natural hot springs.

Tourism Object nature of Lake TobaLake Toba tourist information
  • Lake Toba is located in Indonesia
  • Location: North Sumatra
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Coordinates: 3.58 ° N 98.67 ° E
  • Attraction type: Nature tourism, lake


It is estimated that Lake Toba explosion occurred at about 73000-75000 years ago and is the eruption (super volcano) the most recent. Bill Rose and Craig Chesner from Michigan Technological University estimate sea.

This incident caused mass death and the extinction of some species also followed. According to some DNA evidence, this eruption also reduced the number of people to about 60% of the total human population of the earth at that time, which is about 60 million people. The eruption also caused the ice age, although experts still debate it. After the eruption, the caldera formed which is then filled with water and became what is now known as Lake Toba. Pressure up by magma that has not come out cause the appearance of the island.

International multidisciplinary research team, led by Dr. Michael Petraglia, revealed in a press conference in Oxford, the United States has found a new archaeological site that is quite spectacular by geologists in the southern and northern India. On the site it was revealed how people survive, before and after volcanic eruptions (supervolcano) Toba 74,000 years ago, and evidence of life under the ashes of Mount Toba. Though the source of the eruption is 3,000 miles, from the distribution of ashes.

Tourism Object nature of Lake Toba
For seven years, experts from the University oxford project researching the ecosystem in India, to look for evidence of life and equipment life they left behind in the barren desert. Area with thousands of hectares of this was only the savanna (grasslands). While the scattered bones of animals. The team concluded, large areas covered with dust from this turns ancient volcanic eruptions.

The spread of volcanic dust was very spacious, found almost all over the world. Derived from an ancient supervolcano eruption, namely Mount Toba. Alleged leads to Mount Toba, as evidence of molecular forms of the same volcanic dust in the 2100 period. Since caldera crater that is now a lake Toba in Indonesia, 3,000 miles, from the source of the eruption. In fact, surprisingly enough, it turns out spread of dust to be recorded up to the North Pole. This is reminiscent of the experts, how powerful the Toba super volcano eruption at that time.
Tourism Object nature of Lake Toba.

Tourism cave Pindul Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Tourism cave Pindul Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Not many caves with underground river in the world . Indonesia is fortunate to have Pindul in Gunungkidul . Many say, charm make this cave is called sexy .

Many cite the cave Pindul as a sexy cave . In the world there are only four , one of which is Pindul . Caving walking normally , but in Pindul we have to use a float .

Tourism cave Pindul Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Attraction which was inaugurated on October 10, 2010 The event is located in the hamlet , village Bejiharjo , District Karangmojo , Gunungkidul . To get to the location , after entering the village Bejiharjo , proceed straight white line follows the asphalt . Location Pindul secretariat located at the end of the road . Included in the tour package Gods Bejo ( Rural Tourism Bejiharjo ) .

How to enjoy the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites in Pindul to flow down the underground river . With a ride on rubber tires that washed away . This activity is commonly called cave tubing . River flow comes from springs gedong Seven , which never dry despite the dry season .

To enter the cave charged Rp 30 thousand , accompanied by a guide . This package includes a helmet , life jacket , rubber tires and rubber boots . Transportation to the site is provided flatbed transport vehicle . The path to the location rather steep because the asphalt starts to break down .

Before performing a search , the guide gives guidance how to cave tubing . The guides are from residents about the already professional .

Tourism cave Pindul Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Tourism cave Pindul Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Inside the cave there is a stalactite shaped like male genitalia , called the mighty stone . When held myth men can add courage . There is another form of decoration curtain wall and stone columns . There are also water pearls that when someone passes always dripping . This water is used to wash the face of women travelers . Some say this water can add beauty .

Cave combined with spiritual tourist , called eternal darkness . Being in a dark room in the middle of a cave for 20 minutes , the guide turned off all flashlights . For the safety of those around the participant .

Pindul 350 meter traced for about an hour and ends at a dam where the water is crystal clear . According to the manager , Pindul name comes from the legend . There are babies cheeks hit a rock while bathed in this cave . The Javanese call kebendhul .

Tourism cave Pindul Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Tourism cave Pindul Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

The tourists must remain careful to surf despite being accompanied by a guide . Local media said the online site , there are two victims in Banyumoto Dam , in the Pindul . They entered without the knowledge manager Pindul official .

In the vicinity of tourist attractions Pindul there are several food stalls that provide meatballs and drinks . To unwind after a search . For those who want to stay are also available dwellings were in the houses around .

Hill Montain Tilung Kalimantan

Hill Montain Tilung Kalimantan

Hill climbing Tilung, the Temple Mount Songshan Dayak Orung

Dayak community Songshan Orung believe that after death their souls will gather at Bukit Tilung. Not just anyone can enter this sacred area. Before entering this hill, one should perform the ceremony to ask safety. The offerings given to the fathers so that the climbing team free from distress.

Rajang grandfather, former Chief of the district or the chief Orung Songshan Dayak ceremony to ask for the safety of the team who will be doing the climb Mount Tilung. Fill the offering ceremony is 1 chicken, sticky rice (glutinous rice), betel leaves, rice, and burr - a drink made from fermented glutinous rice.

Bukit Tilung included in the hills in the upper ranks of the Mandai River, a river located in the heart of Borneo. On this hill we could still find a jungle of Borneo are still tight and untouched logging.

Some of the hills that surround the village of Nanga Raun, the village has ever had betang longest in West Kalimantan, is Tilung Bukit, Bukit stumps, Amaiambit Bukit, Bukit Liang Handle, Pari Hill, and Bukit Bumbun. This is part of a climbing expedition to Borneo Hello Nature Lovers Students Universitas Gadjah Mada (Mapagama) Yogyakarta, together with WWF Indonesia and Community Tourism Kapuas Hulu (Kompakh).

Dayak community Songshan Orung believe that after death their souls will gather at Bukit Tilung. Not just anyone can enter this sacred area. Before entering this hill, one should perform the ceremony to ask safety. The offerings given to the fathers so that the climbing team free from distress.

Rajang grandfather, former Chief of the district or the chief Orung Songshan Dayak ceremony to ask for the safety of the team who will be doing the climb Mount Tilung. Fill the offering ceremony is 1 chicken, sticky rice (glutinous rice), betel leaves, rice, and burr - a drink made from fermented glutinous rice.

Bukit Tilung included in the hills in the upper ranks of the Mandai River, a river located in the heart of Borneo. On this hill we could still find a jungle of Borneo are still tight and untouched logging.

Some of the hills that surround the village of Nanga Raun, the village has ever had betang longest in West Kalimantan, is Tilung Bukit, Bukit stumps, Amaiambit Bukit, Bukit Liang Handle, Pari Hill, and Bukit Bumbun. This is part of a climbing expedition to Borneo Hello Nature Lovers Students Universitas Gadjah Mada (Mapagama) Yogyakarta, together with WWF Indonesia and Community Tourism Kapuas Hulu (Kompakh). The exploration objective is surveying and mapping caves, botanical identification and survey of potential ecotourism.

Tilung hill plays 1112 meters above sea level. Although not as high as the mountains on the island of Java, but it is much more challenging ascent path as the forest is still pretty tight. Climbing the hill towards the start of a height of 50 meters above sea level. There are two paths to the foot of the hill through the woods and fields of population which takes about 3 hours walk from the village Tilung, or follow the river downstream to the Mandai River and into Raun which can be reached by boat outboard engine about 1 hour.

The first day of the ascent, Rajang grandfather, former Chief of the district or the chief Orung Songshan Dayak ceremony to ask for the safety of the team who will be doing the climb Mount Tilung. Fill the offering ceremony is 1 chicken, sticky rice (glutinous rice), betel leaves, rice, and a burr (a drink made from fermented glutinous rice). The offerings will be given to the fathers in order to be free from danger climbing team. Dayak Orung Songshan still firmly holding the custom, including safety always performed the ceremony asked each want to do something.

The journey to the foot of Mount Tilung can be done on foot or follow the river using a boat. Tilung hill located next to the river flow Raun, a river which became the name of the nearby village of Bukit Tilung the Nanga Raun. There are several cascade in the river so that boats should be guided by the river in order to pass through the rapids.

From the foot of the hill, the journey begins with a sloping path. Several times through the small rivers with a width of 3-6 meters, then connected with the road began to climb. Pathways that are increasingly coupled with the extreme rain that continued to fall making the trip to be more severe.

Not infrequently encountered fallen trees along the way. Fallen trees are sometimes large enough in diameter to tens of meters long.
Forest Hill keasriannya Tilung still awake. Waterfall encountered quite a lot and clear water. Raun Nanga community forest is still keeping them well, because they are aware that that is deforested only be devastating to their lives.
Hill Tilung Laumann large trees that have tens or even hundreds of years old, one of which is a meranti tree is very large. Meranti tree age is estimated to have nearly 1 century. The good news, this tree is not the biggest tree in the forest Tilung hill, but there's more that is much larger and its continuity is maintained.
One of the caves or overdraft in Bukit Tilung place to sleep which is usually made by the hunters. This cave called Gua Gua Market or Mapala and were on level three Tilung Hill. There are 5 levels to the top. From level 4 to level 5 path traversed perpendicularly 90 degrees so it can only be climbed by using proper climbing equipment. In front of the cave lies Bukit Tilung trees, and if lucky can see the typical bird of Borneo Hornbill Hornbill or flying from one tree to another.

Moss is one of the cave caves were found and mapped by a team of Mapagama. This cave is located at the base of the falls. With a diameter of about 20 meters, the cave is a nesting site found several causes of forest hedgehog spikes. This cave is also the habitat of the bird Lumut, the bird builds its nest of moss and soil.

Hill Montain Tilung Kalimantan

Triton Bay Keimana West Papua Indonesia

Triton Bay Keimana West Papua Indonesia

Triton Bay Keimana West Papua IndonesiaA. At a look

West island is one in every of Dutch East Indies porvinsi World Health Organization contains a wealth of unbelievable ocean. One potential ocean that may be used as a traveller spot settled in Kaimana. Behind the simplicity and friendliness of its individuals, within the district that has a part of ​​18 five hundred km2, there's a marine traveller space referred to as Triton Bay.

Triton Bay may be a new touristry potential in Kaimana. To develop it into a global traveller destination, native governments (LGs) native Conservation International Dutch East Indies (CII) to conjointly develop the touristry potential that is closely-held by Triton Bay.

B. Feature

Like the alternative Papuan Islands waters, Triton Bay offers an exquisite underwater unbelievable. Gulf of storing wealth within the variety of fish and coral reefs area unit numerous. during this space, there area unit 937 species of fish, during which 14-16 of them, is quite new. There also are 492 species of coral that six of whom is additionally a replacement kind.

Besides observance the maritime property, guests will be created fascinated by the presence of dolphins and whales, that plays on the sidelines huddled islands scattered round the Triton.

Admiration of tourists won't stop the wonder of the waters of the Gulf of Triton alone. Because, within the village of Mai-Mai, guests will see the painting on rock cliffs as high as tens of meters. Red lines area unit carven on the walls of the form of human motives, plants, reptiles, fish, and varied forms continues to be a mystery. This painting gave the impression to wish to speak concerning ancient and autochthonic people's behavior additionally illustrates the variability of animals at the time. Until now, nobody is aware of obviously, once and World Health Organization mengguratkan mural that stands on little islands Triton Gulf region. However, the Department of touristry and Culture Kaimana make sure that the painting may be a relic mesolitikum.

C. Location

Kaimana, West island Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

Towards Kaimana will use the ferry from Djakarta with period of time for a five expedition. Air speed are often reached in concerning eight hours to ten hours. inbound within the capital Kaiman, guests will persist to the Gulf of Triton by victimization government-owned motorboat Kaimana, or property of voters round the boat. Long journey by boat, the quickest takes concerning forty five minutes, counting on the weather.

papua indonesia

E. price tag costs

To enter this space, guests aren't charged admission. However, guests should 1st acquire permission from the Department of Education and touristry or the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources. additionally, guests even have to coordinate 1st with the CII to be introduced to ancient leaders or the local people. Thus, at the time at the positioning, guests aren't driven by them.

F. Accommodation and alternative Facilities

Triton within the Gulf region, there area unit 3 rest homes based mostly custom is kind of distinctive. distinctive as a result of they're created with wood, not least the walls that take the bark of the most ingredient. Drafting frame and also the wall doesn't use nails or alternative metal materials, however in ways in which or bound techniques supported native skills passed down by their ancestors.

Triton Bay Keimana West Papua Indonesia

Pantar Strait Marine Park Tourism

Pantar Strait Marine Park TourismPantar Strait Marine Park Tourism is found in Alor regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province

1. At a look

Pantar could be a ocean strait separating the island of Alor and Pantar Island. Recorded, on the average there area unit a hundred foreign tourists p.a. World Health Organization return to dive Pantar Strait Marine Park. Since the economic condition hit, in 2001, there have been 187 different, however next year solely 109 different. This figure ought to be fairly little considering the potential Pantar Strait marine park is incredibly massive.

Marine commercial enterprise Pantar Strait Marine Park has gorgeous bird's-eye underwater in order that the star and therefore the teaser for the different from round the world.

The beauty of the marine park waters encompassing the Strait Pantar Alor massive, Small Alor, Dulolong, crocodilian reptile Island, Kepa Island, compound island, and therefore the island temple.

B. Feature

Noted, there area unit twenty six purpose dive (dive spot) charming tourists. To-26 purpose diving is like, [*fr1] Moon Bay; Peter's Prize; crocodilian reptile Rook; Cave Point; The Edge; Coral Clitts; Baeylon; The Arch; Fallt Line; The pacth; Nite Delht; Kal's Dream; The Ball; Trip Top; The mlai Hall; No Man's Land; The Chatedral; School's Ut; till the purpose dive Shark shut. The last dive purpose terribly|is extremely|is incredibly} attention-grabbing as a result of it's a group of shark area unit very friendly with the diver.

In this marine park may also be found dolphin grey that is AN species.

C. Location

Pantar Strait marine park is found in Alor regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

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Pantar Strait Marine Park Tourism

D. Towards Access Locations

Tourists will return from Kupang, the ferry ride and takes regarding 12-13 hours, heading Larantuka. Then locomote to the picket boat into the harbor Kalabahi with a time period of regarding one hour. Kalabahi harbor front, placed in Alor islands, stretching Pantar Strait Marine Park.

E. Admission

Each traveller no entrance money.

F. Accommodation

Alor terra firma offered restaurants, lodging, tour guides, souvenirs and commerce Pantar Island.

Parang Wedang Tourism Yogyakarta

Parang Wedang Tourism YogyakartaParang Wedang Tourism Yogyakarta

A. At a look

Who would have thought turns Parangtritis in Bantul Yogyakarta (DIY) contains a special bathtub that has the advantage of being superb for healing and skin health. Name is knife Wedang baths. knife Wedang is mineral hot springs gush or gushing out of the planet. The bathhouse may be a spring that contains plenty of minerals specified the most important components sodium, Cl, and Mg. curiously, there was no elemental sulfur as was common a spring.

Baths Parangwedang happens thanks to the meeting of 2 plates that end in thermal springs. Parangwedang spring water is heat and high chemical concentrations. this can be caused by a fault during this space and water from the mountains to the east and flows through the fault gets geothermic.

The existence Parangwedang something to try to to with the history of Mataram palace is believed Ngayogyakarta baths comes up magic lane VI. in keeping with origin stories, it happens once it's bathtub lane going towards Pesanggrahan Balekencur VI. Initially, Sri grand Turk haemoglobin VI would bathe within the pool square measure within the house, however as a result of the water is cold, and he meant to seek out quandary. once a protracted search found no quandary, till the village Mancingan he created a hole within the ground. thanks to his power, from the outlet then squirt torrential spring and summer watering, that was then called the Baths Parangwedang.

Baths Parangwedang eventually be used as a daily bathtub palace Ngayogyakarta relatives. however as a result of it's seldom used, then opened to the general public. Parangwedang name itself comes from the word sense matchet wedang reef which suggests that quandary from the primary to this Parangwedang spring has ne'er stopped.

B. Feature

Parangwedang the nice and cozy water, the supply of water comes from the hills to the north Parangtritis is believed to cure numerous skin diseases, like itchiness, phlegm, or scabies, even feeling tired and sore was cured once bathing in heat water.

The water is additionally believed to cure variety of sicknesses such. rheumatism, stroke and skin pain. For rheumatism and stroke, will be cured by bathing in Parangwedang each day for a couple of month. searching for spare skin pain each day for a couple of week.

The hot spring has 3 springs that have a depth of regarding ten meters and therefore the existing pool at the baths Parangwedang representative is formed in order that the water clarity is incredibly awake. This Parangwedang thermal baths was opened at 06.00 am-18.00 pm, however if guests square measure solid, then at 15:00 pm the baths were closed, as a result of the availability of quandary from the springs is restricted.

C. Location

Traveled to the region knifetritis incomplete if it doesn't stop at the recent spring is in Parang Wedang, Parangtritis, Bantul, Yogyakarta. the placement isn't faraway from the Parangtritis simply many meters from the doorway to the attractions. what is bathhouse Parangwedang is {approximately|about|close to|just regarding|some|roughly|more or less|around|or so} thirty kilometer from the town of Yogyakarta to among about one hour.

D. Access

For guests WHO use personal vehicles, so as to realize Parangwedang, from the town of Yogyakarta isn't too difficult, thanks to the road is incredibly flat with smart road conditions. you just follow the road to the beach Parangtritis take regarding associate hour. once passing place Levy Ballot (TPR) Parangtritis, many meters've got Parangwedang.
Parang Wedang Yogyakarta

E. price tag costs

To be able to reach the placement Parangwedang, within the Ballot Retrebusi Parangtritis, you charged $ 3000.00 per person. For Cars levy charged Rp 2000.00 whereas the motor is charged USD one thousand.00. (August 2010)

In the park are going to be re-imposed levy rate Rp 2000.00 (motor), USD 5000.00 (car). As for bathing and soaking every traveller merely enough to pay USD 4000.00 per person with no cut-off date.

F. Accommodation and alternative Facilities

Parangwedang bathtubhouse may be a heat water bath containing mineral space of ​​1140 money supply. facilities out there square measure heat water ponds sukuran 9m x 8m space heat baths and showers six six fresh.

In this Parangwedang out there many facilities like an area to shower, heat water bathing pool. There was additionally a lodging and recreation in addition as restaurants.

Parang Wedang Tourism Yogyakarta

Ngrenehan Beach Tourism

Ngrenehan Beach TourismNgrenehan Beach Tourism

1. At a look

Ngrenehan Beach is one among dozens of beach that stretches on the southern coast of Yogyakarta. though the beach isn't as famed because the alternative traveller beaches, like Baron, Kukup, Krakal, or Sadeng, serves a various menu Ngrenehan Coast beach is sort of complete and fascinating. Menu sort will be seen from the sweetness of the rock cluster that lies at the mouth of the bay, a stretch of white sandy beach, the sounds of the ocean waves pounding on the walls of southern rock hills, varied preparation offerings area unit still contemporary ocean food, up to a read of the fishing activity round the coast.

Historically, the name is given by the King Ngrenehan Demak, Raden al-Fatah, the son of King UB V. UB V King himself was king of Majapahit UN agency dominated in 1464-1478 AD That same, once Raden al-Fatah came to the region is to appear for his father, UN agency fled with 2 of his wives (Goddess Lowati and Bondang Surati) as reluctant to embrace Islam. However, upon arrival within the region, Raden al-Fatah failed to realize them. Finally, he took the upper-level Demak kingdom to barter (discussion) concerning a way to realize her oldsters. From this event the term which means pangrena solicitation. The word comes from the word reneh pangrena which means here. Then the folks within the encompassing region become Ngrenehan which implies come back here. Reneh word given prefix and suffix's mean metric weight unit refers to an area, that Ngrenehan Beach.

Physically, the beach isn't abundant completely different Ngrenehan Baron Beach. Only, the beach is comparatively narrower than Baron Beach. Ngrenehan Beach may be a beach bay with a vicinity of ​​about one hundred M2. The beach is flanked by 2 hills of rock jutting into {the ocean|the ocean} in order that the waves of the ocean sea menghempas ultimately to the beach as a result of it absolutely was blocked by the 2 cliffs. On walls geological formation rock hill appearance tiny holes kind of like the cave as a result of the pains of pounding ocean waves come back at any time.

Upon getting into Ngrenehan Coast region, the tourists are going to be greeted by a row of food stalls on the left and right of the road. In between the rows of stalls stood a white wall building, the Fish Auction Place (TPI). At the top of a row of food stalls right there's a house-shaped building that homes the joglo fish basket vendition varied sorts of food that area unit still contemporary for the guests.

Since used as a fishing port circa 1980 ansebelum dawn on the japanese horizon, the fishermen have started crowded the beach. The fisher began to perform varied activities like making ready kenelayanan boats and paraphernalia tools which will be used. The atmosphere at this beach can grow additional packed at 10:00 to 11:00 as a result of the fishermen had came from fishing. sometimes the fishermen are going to be greeted by his married woman and family UN agency facilitate sell their catch at TPI. after all it'll augment the exciting atmosphere of this beach atmosphere.

The search owner was obtaining busy serving the guests UN agency had come back to the beach to relish a range of contemporary ocean food. For you lovers of ocean food, the most effective time to go to this beach is Gregorian calendar month to Gregorian calendar month as a result of at the time it absolutely was suspected the maximum amount fish.

B. Feature

Arriving at Ngrenehan Coast region, guests will take a chance at the food stalls whereas enjoying a range of drinks to unharness tired once traveling so much enough. guests UN agency attain the day before the afternoon or evening will book a range of contemporary food dishes. guests don't ought to wait too long as a result of the materials ordered area unit obtainable in order that the presentation was a snap. However, for guests UN agency arrive early (below at ten.00 am), therefore hold back to attend for the fishermen have came from fishing.

While waiting, guests will wander advance panaroma relish the sweetness round the beach. guests will witness the sweetness of the cluster of rocks on the proper and left of the beach and waves that hit the white sand. guests will mess around tiny wave rolls on the beach. additionally, guests may also watch additional closely the activities of the fishermen in coastal areas like boat repair, knitting nets, raise the fish, and weigh the fish at the fish auction. For people who love fishing, guests will go fishing with the fishermen at the perimeters of the rocks.

If you would like to relish the exotic landscape of the beach Ngrenehan broader perspective, guests will climb to the highest of the Hill rocks area unit on the left coast through variety of steps. However, guests area unit suggested to exercise caution, particularly for people who area unit petrified of heights, as a result of the road leading up the Hill was pretty steep. From the highest of the Hill, guests will see the landscape as an entire Ngrenehan beach, a row of fishing boats on the white sand beach and therefore the fantastic thing about the ocean. relish the sweetness of natural scenery Ngrenehan Beach neighborhood on the Hill is bound to mengilangkan any saturation.
Beach Tourism

Apart from being a horny traveller spots, beach Ngrenehan utilized by the fishermen did some melarung ceremonial offerings. initial Kliwonan ceremony, which each and every Fri night and weekday lake lake fishermen throw food and varied forms of flowers and fruits to the ocean as offerings to the spirits believed to be the guardian or ruler of the South Seas. Second, the harbor, the ceremony control every evening of one Sura (1 Moharram within the Islamic calendar). This ceremony is general and was nice since it involves all voters to be around Ngrenehan Beach. Therefore, the required funds, the ceremony is additionally not half-hearted which will reach tens of many greenbacks as a result of it's wont to finance a range of activities like puppet or musical performances campursari and to create a range of offerings.

On 1 Sura, guests will witness the procession were wearing ancient Javanese carrying varied offerings heading to the coast so floated bent ocean by boat. The ceremony is meant to harbor the fishermen avoid interference from the authorities and hope to the South Seas fortune that a lot of of the ocean.

C. Location

Ngrenehan Beach administratively happiness to the Village space Kanigoro, District Saptosari, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

Ngrenehan Beach is found around thirty klick town Wonosari, Gunungkidul, or concerning sixty klick south of town of Yogyakarta. to achieve this beach, guests will through 2 main routes. the primary path is Yogyakarta - Ivory - Playen - Trowono - Ngrenehan Beach. The second pathway is Yogyakarta - town Wonosari - Paliyan - Trowono - Ngrenehan Beach. each of those methods is that the main route utilized by tourists and other people living in coastal areas.

Modes of transportation which will be wont to reach Ngrenehan Beach might use a personal vehicle or public transportation. Only, if you employ public transportation, particularly the machine, escorted guests solely get Trowono. From Trowono heading to the beach location ought to use a motorbike taxi for machine transport isn't obtainable for this line.

E. Ticket

Cost of admission to Ngrenehan Coast region at $ 3000.00. price ticket costs embody entrance fees to traveller areas collectively path Ngobaran beach with beach Ngrenehan. So, by simply paying $ 3000.00, guests will menikamati 2 coastal charm directly.

F. Accommodation and alternative Facilities

Accommodation and facilities obtainable at the beach Ngrenehan embody places of worship (mosques), place fish auctions (TPI), food stalls round the beach, public bogs, parking. If you would like to bring home souvenirs of cannon fodder, guests will visit the sales of fish that serve a range of fish like tuna, mackerel, snapper, stingrays, and others. the value is sort of affordable and even still negotiable.

However, it's unfortunate, as a result of the coast isn't however obtainable electricity and lodging in order that solely permit tourists to go to this beach throughout the day.

Ngrenehan Beach Tourism

Ngobaran Beach Tourism In Yogyakarta

Ngobaran Beach Tourism In Yogyakarta
A. At a look

Ngobaran Beach is one traveler attraction within the space beaches Gunungkidul World Health Organization harbor 1,000,000 charm of nature and culture. the mix of each the charm of the attraction for the beach is never found at alternative beaches within the space. The beach is found regarding 2 miles west of the beach Ngrenehan This not solely presents a shocking natural scenery just like the white sand, the waves, rows of coral reefs, algae (algae), and pandanus trees on the ocean, however conjointly presents a nuanced cultural charm mystical.

Ngobaran Beach renowned for varied non secular rituals or beliefs. during this space there ar places of worship like mosques stand facet by facet with the temple facing towards the south coast, and places of worship varied faiths like Javanese and Kejawan. in addition, within the coastal region there {are also|also ar|are} many statues and stupas are typically used as a non secular ceremony. At the highest of the drop that's situated round the beach Ngobaran there's a stone box with dried plants. Stone hold in front of a house Joglo is enclosed by a picket fence grey. That said, right wherever the plant grows dry is wherever King UB V burn yourself.

According to native stories, King UB V or usually referred to as Bhre Kertabhumi the last descendants of Majapahit Empire (1464-1478 AD) free from the palace together with his 2 wives, Bondang Surati (first wife) and Dewi Lowati (second wife), as a result of reluctant diislamkan by his own son, Raden foreign terrorist organization King I Demak. They wandered crisscrossing the hinterlands and coastal. once inbound at the beach currently referred to as Ngobaran, they're stalemated. They were confronted by a violent southern ocean waves that don't recognize wherever else to run to. Finally, UB V set to burn yourself. Before jumping into the hearth that has been ready, he asked his second better half. "O, my wife! that one in every of you is that the greatest love me?" Lowati god replied, "I love the Lord of the mountain." whereas Bondang Surati replied, "I Love the Lord, even as nail ireng, every finished dikethok (cut) will certainly grow once more." That Bondang Surati like to her husband, if the love is gone, then love can grow once more.

After hearing the solution to the second better half, UB V god Lowati hand force and bercebur into the hearth. At that moment, each of them were killed and burned. King UB V choose god Lowati bercebur in an exceedingly fireplace as his second better half adore it smaller than the primary better half. Of the event itself is beach space burned is called Ngobaran. Ngobaran Kobong or springs from the blaze, which implies fireplace or burn yourself.

That the story of King UB V burned himself remains doubted by some parties. in line with info from a number of the native folks gained from their elders, Brawijaya V King truly didn't die in Ngobaran Coast region. At the time of the incident, there was a resident World Health Organization witnessed that bercebur into the hearth rather than UB V and his better half, however his dog. This opinion is proven by the invention of petilasan (footprint) of the bones of the remaining flames, that clad to be not somebody's bone, however stripy yoyang (dog bones).

Another version of the story says that the UB V did cycle of rebirth (missing) on ​​the summit of Mount Lawu. in line with historians, this version is in accordance with the facts of history. the very fact indicates that the UB V reluctant to Islam and didn't need to fight against his own son that he left the palace towards Blambangan then people to the summit of Mount Lawu with 2 servant Dipa Mangala and Wangsa Manggala. At the height of Mount Lawu that UB cycle of rebirth and change state with the second servant. With the destruction of the UB V, then it'll stop the dominion of Majapahit. The collapse of the Majapahit is thought as "candrasangkala" or Sirna Ilang Kertaning Earth, that means Sirna = zero, Ilang = 0, Kerta = 4, Earth = 1. Sentences that contain the that means of numbers (number) if browse turned states within the collapse of the Majapahit Empire, that in 1400 Saka or 1478 AD

Despite the variations within the versions of the story, as yet most of the native folks still believe that the UB V had left its mark on the beach Ngobaran that the region became one in every of the attractions petilasan or beach is in Gunungkidul ritual. Adherents Kejawan that could be a relic cult of King UB V typically perform rituals within the region. Moreover, Hindus conjointly frequent Galungan ceremony each phase of the moon and in an exceedingly series of ceremonies Melastri Ceremony Nyepi. equally Kejawen faiths, each weekday and Fri night ritual Kliwon command within the region.

B. Feature

Upon coming into Ngobaran Coast region, you may be greeted by the magical atmosphere that blends with the sound of waves blooming on the cliffs of rock. Cultural charm the primary time you meet is AN inscription that lies between the statues and stupas. it's same that the inscription was created by the area people to commemorate the disappearance of King UB V within the region. within the inscription written a soul Pledge contains 3 things, namely: I VOWED Setya and obedient: 1). Respect, uphold and respect the ancestral precursor of my very own folks, 2). Respect and uphold the teachings of the Trinity ism lelulur confidence forerunner own people; 3). Respect, and maintain high menjujung state, the ancestral state embryo own folks.

Walk to the south inscription, you may realize a temple building that is found at hill rocks. additionally to the temple, you'll see an incredible read of the ocean. shortly from the temple, you'll conjointly see a house and a place of worship joglo mensuration regarding three x four meter fine sand. Building the place of worship is extremely distinctive as a result of the direction of the Qibla facing south. For guests World Health Organization need to perform prayer mustn't be confused with Qibla direction as a result of locals have a mark on the walls of the place of worship on the particular direction of Qibla. when praying, guests will see the wonder of the beach Ngobaran the Moslem leading the prayers as a result of the piece is wide open.

Once glad to get pleasure from the magical atmosphere, you'll walk to the west following the road all the way down to the beach. There you may see the natural charm which will anaesthetize Coast Ngobaran your views. The beach is embellished by white sand and algae-covered rocks. once viewed at a look, this coastal stretch sort of a inexperienced carpet. protoctist or in an exceedingly language referred to as Java that essay is one supply of native financial gain.

If a visit to the beach at low water, that at around 06:00 to 11:00 am, you may realize the beach probing for essays purchasable to middlemen World Health Organization principally came from Surabaya, East Java. If you would like to bring home for processed algae within the house, guests will get one with a comparatively low-cost worth. during this space ar on the market varied styles of essays like essay simbar for the manufacture of balmy at USD 30-USD 50 / kg, floral bryophyte at USD 15-20 USD / kilogram, and a bouquet ager for the fabric to be -that the value of USD-IDR 1200.00 1500.00 / kg.

Ngobaran Beach Tourism In Yogyakarta If you visit within the afternoon, you'll see the activities of the fishermen on the coast ar probing for a range of marine life like ocean urchins, starfish, lobster, and shellfish. Marine life within the several mini pools that ar in between the rocks.

After enjoying 1,000,000 charm of cultural and natural beach space, the visit appeared incomplete if you are doing not get pleasure from cookery touristry. one in every of the standard menu is on the market at food stalls on the doorway to the beach space is Edible Hedgehog. in line with locals, gnawer meat is chewy and tastes delicious. the way to eat it's quite distinctive, the primary echinoderm spines dikepras (cleared) till merging then split employing a edge tool till the meat appearance. After that, gnawer meat taken out. Serving cookery tour could be a cowl of all the sensations offered by Ngobaran Beach.

C. Location

Ngobaran Beach is found within the Village Kanigoro, District Saptosari, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

D. Access

Access to the beach is that the same because the access to the beach Ngrenehan. guests will tolerate 2 main pathways utilized by each locals and tourists. the primary path is Yogyakarta - landing field Ivory - Ivory Junction (take the direction to the right) - Playen - Paliyan - Trowono - Saptosari - Ngobaran Beach. The second purpose is Yogyakarta - town Wonosari - Paliyan - Trowono - Ngobaran Beach.

If you're in Parangtritis, it'll be nearer to the beach for Ngrobaran. you merely live up the road uphill on the side toward Parangtritis Bake. From Bake you are taking a path toward Saptosari and Ngobaran Beach.

E. Ticket Ngobaran Beach Tourism In Yogyakarta

Cost of admission to Ngobaran Coast region at $ 30.00. One advantage of visiting this beach is, the value of the price tag, guests may get pleasure from the charm Ngrenehan Coast region that has become a package with Ngobaran Beach.

F. Accommodation and alternative Facilities

Accommodation and facilities in Coast Ngobaran almost complete, because the region has not nevertheless reached by electricity. Facilities like flights and accommodation don't seem to be nevertheless on the market so solely enable tourists to go to this beach throughout the day. however that's already on the market embrace bogs, food stalls, places of worship, and parking tons.

Samalona Tourism Sulawesi Indonesia

Boutiquetourism on 

A. At a look

Samalona Island may be a coral island chain with a neighborhood of ​​circular two.34 acres. This little island may be a marine touristry destination visited by several native and foreign tourists. White sand and crystal clear water build this island excellent for sunbathing. additionally, the island is nice for diving (diving), as a result of the encompassing reefs area unit home to numerous marine tropical fish, colorful, and alternative marine life.

B. Feature

The island is to save lots of 1,000,000 mysteries of sinking a ship relics warfare II. There area unit regarding seven items of the ship that sank within the island, among them: Maru ship, owned by a Japanese war vessel sank at a depth of regarding thirty meters; Lancaster Bomber ship conjointly sank at a depth of regarding thirty meters; submarine hunter (gunboat) belongs to Japan ; cargo vessel Hakko Maru created within the Holland, similarly because the Japanese submarine. Sunken ships has been reworked into a rock and a œrumahâ â € €? tinggalâ œtempat or â € €? for many numerous marine life forms, and therefore the kind and color was superb. the sweetness is that the main attraction for the tourists to return swimming among dead bodies shipwreck them.

In addition to the mystery and wonder of the marine park, the tourists can even watch the sunrise (sunrise) and sunset (sunset) at identical position. On this island, tourists can even get pleasure from the delights of a large vary of recent food toasted in an exceedingly manner that's quite distinctive, that is placed on prime of a coconut shell and so lined with leaves growing round the island. That way, the scent of coconut shell charcoal smoke wafted directly and may arouse your appetency.

C. Location

Samalona Island belongs to the realm of ​​Makassar, exactly in Ujung district, Makassar, South Celebes.

D. Access

Samalona Island is close to half-dozen.8 kilometer from town of Makassar, and may be completed in regarding 20-30 minutes by speed boat with a capability of up to twelve folks at a price locomote between Rp. 250,000.00 to Rp. 350,000.00 commute.

E. Admission

In the confirmation method

F. Accommodation and Facilities

Available at this modest lodge pangggung formed house that may accommodate regarding twenty folks at the speed of Rp. To $ 150,000.00. 250,000.00 / home / night. It conjointly offerd some food stalls that provide a range of recent food,