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Kelud erupts February 13, 2014

Once the government establishes the status Kelud be Caution , Kelud located precisely at the border of East Java Kediri , Blitar and Malang Regency eventually erupt and release bursts of smoke and volcanic material up to a height of 3000 meters to be exact on Thursday, February 13, 2014 evening at around 22:50 pm .

In addition to the ' wooden horse ' , the historical record Kelud eruptions also occur in 13-15 century AD Based on a paper written by Akhmad Zaennudin and Darwin Siregar (IAGI 2008) , the eruption that occurred at that time the explosive eruptions large enough to precipitate the phreatic material , pyroclastic flows and pyroclastic fallout fairly thick .

Kelud eruption was very powerful , thousands of people thronged the streets on the slopes Kelud to the evacuation site . They are from several villages in the district Ngancar . For now, the citizens of District Headquarters Ngancar placed in Tawang in District Wates , Kediri . Evakuasipun process is still ongoing to this day .

Let us pray for our brothers a

Mountain Kelud Tourism

Kelud ( often be Kelut which means " broom " in Javanese ; Dutch called Klut , Cloot , Kloet , or Kloete ) is a volcano in East Java , Indonesia , which is still active . The mountain is located on the border between Kediri , Blitar and Malang district , approximately 27 km east of Kediri center .


This volcano, including the type of explosive eruption stratovulkan characteristics . Like many other volcanoes in Java , Kelud formed by the subduction of the Indo - Australian continental plate against the Eurasian plate . Since the year 1300 AD , it was recorded active mountain range erupted at relatively short intervals ( 9-25 years ) , making it the volcanoes are harmful to humans .
The specificity of this volcano is the crater lake ( until late 2007 ) which makes very liquid lava eruptions and endanger the surrounding population . As a result of the activities that gave rise to the 2007 lava dome , crater lake almost gone and left a sort of puddle water .

Peak - peak current is the remainder of the eruption of the past that brought down the top of the ancient . Wall on the southwest side open so complex crater collapse toward the opening . Kelud is the highest peak , positioned slightly to the northeast of the crater . The tops of the other is on the west side Gajahmungkur Peak and Peak chippy on the south side .

Note Kelud activity

Kelud 1901

Kelud 1919
Since the 15th century , Kelud has claimed more than 15,000 lives. The explosion was in 1586 claiming more than 10,000 lives. A system to divert the lava flow has been made ​​extensively in 1926 and still functioning until now after the eruption in 1919 claimed thousands of lives due to cold lava flood swept settlements population .
In the 20th century , recorded Kelud erupted in 1901 , 1919 ( May 1 ) , 1951 , 1966 , and 1990 . This pattern brings experts volcano on 15-year cycle for this eruption . Entering the 21st century , the mountain erupted in 2007 , 2010, and 2014 . This change in frequency is due to the formation of a lava plug in the mouth of the crater .

eruption in 1919

This eruption is among the most deadly since claimed 5,160 lives, damage to 15,000 hectares of productive land due to lava flow reach 38 km , although in time the Rhinos have built retaining lava dam in 1905  . Besides Hugo Cool in 1907 also assigned a dig a channel through the embankment or the western part of the crater wall . The effort was successfully issued 4.3 million cubic meters of water

Since the eruption of the duct system is then constructed crater lake drainage tunnel , and was completed in 1926 . Overall built seven tunnels . In the period after independence the new tunnel was built after the eruption of 1966 , 45 meters below the old tunnel . The tunnel is completed in 1967 it was named the Ampera Tunnel . This channel serves to maintain the volume of the crater lake to keep 2.5 million cubic meters  .

The eruption in 1990 

The eruption in 1990 lasted for 45 days , which is February 10, 1990 until March 13, 1990 . In this eruption , spewing Kelud 57.3 million cubic meters of volcanic material . Cold lava spread to 24 kilometers from the crater lake through 11 rivers that disgorge at the mountain .
This eruption could shut down the tunnel Ampera with volcanic material . The new normalization process thaun completed in 1994.

The eruption of 2007 

Volcanic activity is increased in late September 2007 and continued until November of the same year , marked by increasing water temperature of the crater lake , an increase in seismic tremor , as well as discoloration of the crater lake of murky greenish white . Status " alert " ( highest ) issued by the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation since October 16, 2007 which implicates the population within a radius of 10 km from the mountain ( approximately 135,000 people) living on the slopes of the volcano to evacuate . However, the eruption did not occur .

Having had somewhat subsided , Kelud activity again increased since October 30, 2007 with a rapid increase in water temperature of the crater lake and shallow volcanic seismicity . On November 3, 2007 around 16:00 lake water temperature exceeds 74 degrees Celsius , well above the normal symptoms of the eruption of 40 degrees Celsius , causing the temperature gauge was broken . Vibration amplitude seismic tremor with large ( more than 35mm ) lead inspection officials had to evacuate , but again no eruption .

Due to the high activity of these symptoms occur uniquely in the history of the emergence of Kelud with thick white smoke from the crater lake of lava dome followed by the middle of the crater lake since November 5, 2007 and continues to " grow " up to size 100 m wide . Experts consider this lava dome so that clogging of magma eruption is not imminent . Energy to be used to encourage the eruption of lava dome eruptions rest of 1990.

Since the incident energy release activity on the wane and on November 8, 2007 Kelud status downgraded to " standby " ( level 3 ) .
Crater Lake Kelud practical " lost " due to the emergence of a large lava dome . What was left was a small pool of water murky brown in the south side of the lava dome .

The eruption in 2014

Having in mind the increase in activity since the end of 2013 , Kelud raised its status to alert on February 10, 2014 and then Watch it on February 13, 2014 at 21:15 pm  . Type of explosive eruptions such as in 1990 ( in 2007 the type effusive , in the form of magma flow ) is predicted to occur after heavy rains enough gravel perceived district residents in the area . Ngandar , Kediri , East Java , the location where the famous active volcano is located , even up to the town of Pare , Kediri . The area used as a point of refuge Wates residents living within a radius of up to 10 kilometers from the lava dome according to the recommendations of the Center for Volcanology , Mitigation , and Geological Hazard ( PVMBG ) . Also occasionally volcanic activity rumbling sounds to the District . Jombang . The impact of any form of volcanic ash on February 14, 2014 early morning residents reportedly have reached Kab . Roxburgh.

The eruption in 2014

The eruption in 2014 was detected by PVMBG and responded with an increase in status to Alert ( level II ) . On February 10, increased to standby status ( Level III ) , and the preparations of the disaster has begun . Regions around 5 km from the cusp of the crater has been sterilized of human activity . On February 13, at 21 dimumkan status of supreme danger , Caution ( Level IV ) , so that the radius of 10 km from the summit to be emptied of humans . Not yet had the displacement , at 22:40 there has been an explosion type eruptions ( explosive ) .

Reported the sound of explosions could be heard from the city of Yogyakarta ( 200 km ) , even Purbalingga ( approximately 300 miles ) , Central Java .

Linkages history and culture

The mountain is recorded in the period of classical texts such as Indonesia and Travel Pararaton Bujangga Manik as Mount Ka ( m ) pud and become the object of veneration . Holy Goddess figures Kili and Anglingdarma associated with this mountain .

Sights Kelud

Kelud 2012. 2007 lava dome appeared in the middle , with a peak Kelud background . On the left is part of the Peak Gajahmungkur .
Towards the summit area since 2004 Kelud road ties have improved to facilitate the tourists as well as residents . Kelud has become a tourist attraction Kediri with the main attraction is the lava dome . At the top of the viewing post Gajahmungkur built with stairs made ​​of cement . On weekend evenings , given the lava dome lighting colorful lights  . Moreover, it has also provided a climbing lane at the top cleft , thermal baths , as well as flying fox .

Kediri action build the tourist area of Blitar protests , which considers the region a peak Kelud region  . Dispute is mainly tapered region after the fall of East Java Governor Decree No. 188/113/KPTS/013/2012 stating that Kelud peak region is a region of Kediri .

Hill Montain Tilung Kalimantan

Hill Montain Tilung Kalimantan

Hill climbing Tilung, the Temple Mount Songshan Dayak Orung

Dayak community Songshan Orung believe that after death their souls will gather at Bukit Tilung. Not just anyone can enter this sacred area. Before entering this hill, one should perform the ceremony to ask safety. The offerings given to the fathers so that the climbing team free from distress.

Rajang grandfather, former Chief of the district or the chief Orung Songshan Dayak ceremony to ask for the safety of the team who will be doing the climb Mount Tilung. Fill the offering ceremony is 1 chicken, sticky rice (glutinous rice), betel leaves, rice, and burr - a drink made from fermented glutinous rice.

Bukit Tilung included in the hills in the upper ranks of the Mandai River, a river located in the heart of Borneo. On this hill we could still find a jungle of Borneo are still tight and untouched logging.

Some of the hills that surround the village of Nanga Raun, the village has ever had betang longest in West Kalimantan, is Tilung Bukit, Bukit stumps, Amaiambit Bukit, Bukit Liang Handle, Pari Hill, and Bukit Bumbun. This is part of a climbing expedition to Borneo Hello Nature Lovers Students Universitas Gadjah Mada (Mapagama) Yogyakarta, together with WWF Indonesia and Community Tourism Kapuas Hulu (Kompakh).

Dayak community Songshan Orung believe that after death their souls will gather at Bukit Tilung. Not just anyone can enter this sacred area. Before entering this hill, one should perform the ceremony to ask safety. The offerings given to the fathers so that the climbing team free from distress.

Rajang grandfather, former Chief of the district or the chief Orung Songshan Dayak ceremony to ask for the safety of the team who will be doing the climb Mount Tilung. Fill the offering ceremony is 1 chicken, sticky rice (glutinous rice), betel leaves, rice, and burr - a drink made from fermented glutinous rice.

Bukit Tilung included in the hills in the upper ranks of the Mandai River, a river located in the heart of Borneo. On this hill we could still find a jungle of Borneo are still tight and untouched logging.

Some of the hills that surround the village of Nanga Raun, the village has ever had betang longest in West Kalimantan, is Tilung Bukit, Bukit stumps, Amaiambit Bukit, Bukit Liang Handle, Pari Hill, and Bukit Bumbun. This is part of a climbing expedition to Borneo Hello Nature Lovers Students Universitas Gadjah Mada (Mapagama) Yogyakarta, together with WWF Indonesia and Community Tourism Kapuas Hulu (Kompakh). The exploration objective is surveying and mapping caves, botanical identification and survey of potential ecotourism.

Tilung hill plays 1112 meters above sea level. Although not as high as the mountains on the island of Java, but it is much more challenging ascent path as the forest is still pretty tight. Climbing the hill towards the start of a height of 50 meters above sea level. There are two paths to the foot of the hill through the woods and fields of population which takes about 3 hours walk from the village Tilung, or follow the river downstream to the Mandai River and into Raun which can be reached by boat outboard engine about 1 hour.

The first day of the ascent, Rajang grandfather, former Chief of the district or the chief Orung Songshan Dayak ceremony to ask for the safety of the team who will be doing the climb Mount Tilung. Fill the offering ceremony is 1 chicken, sticky rice (glutinous rice), betel leaves, rice, and a burr (a drink made from fermented glutinous rice). The offerings will be given to the fathers in order to be free from danger climbing team. Dayak Orung Songshan still firmly holding the custom, including safety always performed the ceremony asked each want to do something.

The journey to the foot of Mount Tilung can be done on foot or follow the river using a boat. Tilung hill located next to the river flow Raun, a river which became the name of the nearby village of Bukit Tilung the Nanga Raun. There are several cascade in the river so that boats should be guided by the river in order to pass through the rapids.

From the foot of the hill, the journey begins with a sloping path. Several times through the small rivers with a width of 3-6 meters, then connected with the road began to climb. Pathways that are increasingly coupled with the extreme rain that continued to fall making the trip to be more severe.

Not infrequently encountered fallen trees along the way. Fallen trees are sometimes large enough in diameter to tens of meters long.
Forest Hill keasriannya Tilung still awake. Waterfall encountered quite a lot and clear water. Raun Nanga community forest is still keeping them well, because they are aware that that is deforested only be devastating to their lives.
Hill Tilung Laumann large trees that have tens or even hundreds of years old, one of which is a meranti tree is very large. Meranti tree age is estimated to have nearly 1 century. The good news, this tree is not the biggest tree in the forest Tilung hill, but there's more that is much larger and its continuity is maintained.
One of the caves or overdraft in Bukit Tilung place to sleep which is usually made by the hunters. This cave called Gua Gua Market or Mapala and were on level three Tilung Hill. There are 5 levels to the top. From level 4 to level 5 path traversed perpendicularly 90 degrees so it can only be climbed by using proper climbing equipment. In front of the cave lies Bukit Tilung trees, and if lucky can see the typical bird of Borneo Hornbill Hornbill or flying from one tree to another.

Moss is one of the cave caves were found and mapped by a team of Mapagama. This cave is located at the base of the falls. With a diameter of about 20 meters, the cave is a nesting site found several causes of forest hedgehog spikes. This cave is also the habitat of the bird Lumut, the bird builds its nest of moss and soil.

Hill Montain Tilung Kalimantan

14 Most Beautiful Mountain In The World

This is The WORLD's Mountain Tourism-

1.Ama Dablam (eastern Nepal)

mountain ama dablan

ama dablan nepal tourism


Ama Dablam is a mountain in the range of the Himalayas in eastern Nepal. The main peak is 6812 meters (22,349 feet), west peak below 5563 meters (18,251 feet). Ama Dablam means "Mother necklace"; protrusion length on each side like the arms of a mother (ama) to protect her child, and hanging glaciers dablam regarded as the traditional, double-locket containing photos of the gods, worn by Sherpa women. For several days, Ama Dablam dominates the eastern sky for anyone trekking to Mount Everest base camp.

Ama Dablam was first climbed on March 13, 1961 by Mike Gill (NZ), Barry Bishop (USA), Mike Ward (UK) and Wally Romanes (NZ) via the Southwest Ridge. They are well-acclimatised to the altitude, after the winter at 5800 feet near the base of the summit as part of the Silver Hut Expedition 1960-1961 Scientific, led by Sir Edmund Hillary.

Ama Dablam is a Himalayan peak of the third most popular for expeditions permitted. The most popular route by far is the Southwest Ridge. Climbers usually set up three camps along the ridge with three camp just below and to the right of hanging glaciers, which Dablam. Each calf ice from glaciers usually go left, away from the camp. However, the avalanche of 2006 proved otherwise. Permission to climb and a liaison officer who is required when attempting to Ama Dablam. Like Mt. Everest, climbing the best months are April to May (before monsoon) and September-October

2. Shivling (Garhwal Himalaya)

mountain Garhwal Himalaya Tourism

shivling Tourism


Shivling is a mountain in the Gangotri Group GarhwalHimalaya peak in the west, near the snout of the Gangotri Glacier. It lies in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, 6 kilometers (4 miles) south of the Hindu shrine Gaumukh (the source of Bhagirathi River). Its name refers to its status as a sacred symbol of God - Lord Shiva Shiva Linga. This is called the "Matterhorn Peak" by early European visitors because of the similarity in appearance to the Alpine peaks. Although no major local elevation, it is a dramatic rock peaks, and peaks of the most visually striking seen from Gaumukh, that and the difficulty of the climb made famous prize for mountain climbers.

3. Machapuchare (north central Nepal)

Machapuchare Mountain


Beautiful Mountain Machaphucare  Nepal

Machapuchare or Machhaphuchhare (माछापुछ्रे) "Fish Tails" in English, is a mountain in the Annapurna Himal in north central Nepal. It is respected by local residents, especially sacred to the god Shiva, and therefore forbidden to climb.

Machhapuchchhre at the end of a long ridge spur, coming south out of the main backbone of the Annapurna Himal, which forms the eastern boundary of the Annapurna Sanctuary. (The Sanctuary is a favorite trekking destination, and the site of base camp for the South Face of Annapurna and for the purpose of the smaller lots.) Peak is approximately 25 km north of Pokhara, the main town in this region.

Since the position of the south in the range, and a very low field located at the southern Annapurna Himal, Machapuchare commands tremendous vertical relief in the horizontal distance is quite short. This, combined with a steep profile, pointing, making a very conspicuous peak, although the altitude is lower than some neighboring countries. Double summit resembles a fish tail, hence the name which means "Fish Tails" in Nepali It is also nicknamed the "Matterhorn of Nepal".

4. The Matterhorn (German)

The Matterhorn German Tourism

The Matterhorn Tourism

The Matterhorn Mountain German Tourism

The Matterhorn Mountain Tourism

The Matterhorn (German), Monte Cervino (Italian) or Mont Cervin (French), is a mountain in the Pennine Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy. The peak is 4478 meters (14,692 ft) high, making it one of the highest peaks in the Alps four faces steep, rising above the surrounding glaciers, showing the four compass points .. This mountain overlooks the town of Zermatt in the canton of Valais to north-east and Breuil-Cervinia in the Aosta Valley to the south. Theodul Pass, situated at the base of the eastern peak, is the lowest between the north and south sides.

The Matterhorn is the last great Alpine peaks to be conquered and the first ascent marks the end of time Golden alpinism. It was created in 1865 by an expedition led by Edward Whymper and ended tragically when some of its members fell to their deaths on the descent. The north face does not rise until 1931, and is between the north three faces of the Alps Matterhorn is one of the deadliest peaks in the Alps: from 1865 - when it first goes up - for 1995, 500 alpinists. died on it.

The Matterhorn become iconic symbol of the Swiss Alps and the Alps in general. Since the late nineteenth century, when the railway was built, it attracted more and more visitors and climbers. Every summer a large number of skilled mountaineers attempting to climb the Matterhorn via the north-east ridge Hörnli, the most frequented route to the summit.

5.Monte Fitz Roy (Patagonia)

Monte Fitz Roy Mountain

Monte Fitz Roy is a mountain located near the village of El Chalten, Southern Patagonian Ice Field, in Patagonia, on the border antaraArgentina and Chile. The mountain is also known as Cerro Chalten, Cerro Fitz Roy, or simply Mount Fitz Roy. Cerro is a Spanish word meaning mountain, while Chalten derived from the word (Aonikenk) Tehuelche means "smoking mountain", because the clouds that usually form around the mountaintop. Fitz Roy, however, is just one of a number of peaks Tehuelche called Chalten.

As he explains in his book, Viaje a la Patagonia Austral, Francisco Moreno first saw the mountain on March 2, 1877. Because indigenous people are also referred to other mountain Chalten, he was named Fitz Roy, in honor of Robert FitzRoy, who, as captain of HMS Beagle has traveled to the top of Santa Cruz River in 1834 and charted much of the Patagonian coast.

It has been agreed upon by Argentina and Chile are the international border detours eastwards to pass through the main peak, but most of the border to the south of the summit, as far as Cerro Murallón, remains undefined.

The mountain is a symbol of Santa Cruz Province of Argentina, which includes representation in the upper arm.

It was first climbed in 1952 by French alpinists Lionel Terray and Guido Magnone.

This mountain has a reputation as the "ultimate", although the average height (although the highest peak in the Los Glaciares park, less than half the size of the giant Himalayas), because the sheer granite faces present long stretches technically difficult climb. In addition, the weather in this area is very bad and dangerous. It also attracts many photographers thanks to its form another world. This area, while still quite inaccessible, even more isolated until the development of the village of El Chalten and El Calafate International Airport. Climbing the mountain, however, remains very difficult and is a very experienced climber preserve. Today, when a hundred people may summit Mount Everest in one day, Monte Fitz Roy could only managed to rise once a year.

Monte Fitz Roy is the basis for the following logo clothing Patagonia Yvon Chouinard-3 and the climb to the next film in 1968.

6. Nevado Sajama (Bolivia)

Mountain Nevado Sajama Bolivia Tourism

Beautiful Mountain Nevado Sajama Tourism

Mountain Nevado Sajama

Nevado Sajama is an extinct stratovolcano and the highest peak in Bolivia. The mountain is located in Sajama National Park in the southwest of the country some 16-24 km (10-15 mi) from the border with Chile. Peak is an isolated cone, but geologically complex, with crushed andesite lava dome and rhyodactic by andesitic stratovolcano. Date of most recent eruption is uncertain, although Holocene activity is assigned to the volcano by many. The trees of Polylepis tarapacana on the channel as high volcano 5200 m above sea level, one of the highest altitude tree can be found growing anywhere in the world.

Joseph Prem made the first attempt to climb the mountain in 1927 by the northwest ridge but stopped short at 6200 m. After trying a few more, Prem along with Wilfrid Kuehm peaked in August 1939 by southeast ridge is more difficult.

In August 2001, two teams and guides the mountain village of Sajama Bolivia played a football match at the peak of Mount Sajama in an effort to show that height itself is not a physical limit to the pressure

7. Rocky Mountains (western North America)

Rocky Mountains western North America

Rocky Mountains western North America Tourism

Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains (or Rockies) are the major mountains in western North America. Rocky Mountains stretch more than 3,000 miles (4830 km) from northern British Columbia, in western Canada, to New Mexico, in the southwestern United States. The highest peak is Mount Elbert range is located in Colorado at 14,440 feet (4401 m) above sea level. Although part of the Pacific North American Cordillera, the Rockies are distinct from the Pacific Coast Ranges (as referred to in Canada) or the Coast Range (as known in the United States) which is located directly adjacent to the Pacific coast, as well as, the Cascade Range and Sierra Nevada are located more far inland from the coast.

Rockies formed 80-55 million years ago by the Laramide orogeny. Since then, erosion by water and glaciers have carved the mountains into valleys and dramatic peaks. At the end of the last ice age, humans began to inhabit the mountains. After Europe, such as Sir Alexander Mackenzie and Lewis and Clark expedition, began to explore the range, minerals and furs driving a preliminary economic exploitation of the mountains, although the range was never a densely populated.

Currently, many mountains are protected by a public park and forest lands, and is a popular tourist destination, especially for hiking, camping, mountaineering, fishing, hunting, skiing, and snowboarding.

8 Pumori (Nepal-Tibet)

Pumori Nepal-Tibet Tourism

Pumori Mountain Nepal-Tibet Tourism

Pumori Mountain Tourism

Pumori (or Pumo Ri) is a mountain in the Himalayas in Nepal-Tibet border. Pumori is located just eight miles west of Mount Everest. Pumori, which means "Unmarried Daughter" in Sherpa language, named by George Mallory. Climbers sometimes refer to Pumori as "Everest's Daughter".

Pumori is a popular climbing peaks, and easiest route rated class 3, although the danger of landslides. Pumori was first climbed in 1962 by Gerhard Lenser of expedition.Two Swiss German-Czech (Leopold Sulovsky and Michalec Zeduak) climbed a new route on the face of the South in the spring of 1996 (Joe Simpson, 1997, Dark Shadows fall).

An outlier of Pumori is Kala Patthar (5643 m/18, 513 '), which emerged as the big brown lump beneath the south face of Pumori impressive. Many trekkers will see Mt. Everest near future will try to climb to the top of Kala Patthar. The view from almost anywhere on Kala Patthar of Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse quite impressive on a clear day.

9. Mount Meru

Mount Meru Tourism

Mountain Meru Tourism

Mount Meru in Arusha Tanzania Nationlpark in the country. Shaped like a cone adds to the beauty of the climb. Mount Meru is located 65 miles from the mountain Kilimandcharo jauhanya highest mountain in Africa

10. Einger mountain in the Alps

Einger mountain in the Alps

Einger Mountain is one of the mountains or the attractive side of the alpine mountains. many people in the business death climb this mountain. in 1938 ANderl Heckmar successfully menalukan mountain from the north side is very dangerous

11. Grossglockner


Grossglockner Tourism

why the mountain is already clearly visible from a distance, where the mountain is located kah? The Grossglockner 3798 meters is the highest mountain in Austria and a popular destination for climbers and hikers. Approximately 30 existing routes to the summit - the first time has been dianaikipada in 1800.

12. Drei Gifel

Drei Gifel

Drei Gifel Tourism

Drei Giffel Mountains located in the mountains alpen.althought this mountain is not so fit when called as mountain. The Cima Grande, Small Peak and West fort near Paterno Dolomites soar to nearly 3,000 meters into the sky. Seeing them from the north is one of the most popular motifs panoramic Alps. North wall of the tower is very popular among researchers and climbers. last people capable of climbing three times the peak of this mountain is Thomas Huber of Huberbuam, overcoming all three pieces on the wall, and he dares to jump from one peak to other peaks.

13. K2

K2 Mountain

K2 Mountain Tourism

K2 Beautiful Mountain

That K2 is the second highest mountain peak is 8611 meters dunia.ketigianya. Hand side of this mountain to climb and terrifying sanagt been many casualties. This mountain digap one of the difficult mountain to climb. There are two special expedition shortly before departure for K2: In June 2009 Gerfried Göschl break with his team to the border of Pakistan-China to explore a new route on K2 and Kangchenjunga and commit it. 2010, three young men from Switzerland, the "Magic Line wanted to climb" on K2.

14. Alpamayo

Alpamayo Mountain

Alpamayo Mountain Tourism

Alpamayo Mountain World Tourism


With height approximately 5947 meters. Alpamayo mountain is not among the highest mountain in South America. but he is one of the best known. The reason: On all sides of Alpamayo is fun! trapezoid shape as beautiful south-west wall of the northern landscape. Alpamayo is safe to ride and not harmful to the mountain earlier in comparison need ice and you can climb safely but for those who already had an opportunity to see or climb this mountain he will never forget his experience so memorable.

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